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C.E. Everitt
Photograph of C.E. Everitt. He is wearing a western hat made of straw.
Clifford Hardin
Photograph of Clifford Hardin in 1971.
Clifford M. Hardin
Photograph of Clifford M. Hardin, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, in June 1971.
Don Essary
Photograph of Don Essary of the American Quarter Horse Association in 1971. He wears a suit and tie.
[Field of Lovegrass]
Photograph of a field of Lovegrass.
Henry Douglas
Photograph of Henry Douglas in October 1971. He wears a suit and tie.
Kenneth Graeber
Photograph of Kenneth Graeber.
[Photograph of a Person Holding Alicia Grass]
Photograph of a person holding Alicia Grass.
Robert Mack Frazier
Photographic portrait of Robert Mack Frazier. He is wearing a suit and tie.
W.T. Hix
Photograph of W.T. Hix in October 1971.
Willie Harrison
Photograph of Willie Harrison in July 1971.