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[Alicia Bermudagrass]
Photograph of Alicia Bermudagrass. Text at the top of the photograph reads: "Alicia Bermudagrass sprouting green leaves on March 11, 1973 in Wichita County, Texas. (Photographed on Ross Roberts' Farm in Wichita Valley near Iowa Park, Tex.)"
Photograph of a Curleymesquite plant.
Dr. George Ellis
Photograph of Dr. George Ellis in his office. Books and files are on the shelf behind him.
Joe Hubenak, 1973
Photograph of Joe Hubenak in 1973.
M.E. "Max" Hammond
Photograph of M.E. "Max" Hammond, President of American Brahman Breeders Association, in 1973.
[Photograph of a Man Standing by Smutgrass]
Photograph of a man in a field of Smutgrass.
Roy Hennant
Photograph of Roy Hennant in October 1973.
Weldon Edwards
Photograph of Weldon Edwards of Clyde, Texas. He wears a sport coat with a woven houndstooth patten on it, a printed tie, and a cowboy hat. He is standing neat a wooden fence.