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Clay Deatherage, 1979
Photograph of Clay Deatherage, 4-H Beef Award winner in November 1979. He is wearing a Western hat and a suit and tie.
Ed Hanover
Photograph of Ed Hanover in 1979.
Frank Dalton at 96 Years of Age
Photograph of Frank Dalton at age 96 in November 1979. He was a veteran of three Wars.
Jimmy Tate, 1979
Photograph of Jimmy Tate, employee at The Cattleman Magazine, in January 1979.
Lynn Heinze
Photograph of Lynn Heinze on January 22, 1979.
Paul W. Horn
Photograph of Paul W. Horn in January 1979. He is sitting at his desk. A Recognition Award hangs on the wall.
Tad Moses
Photograph of Tad Moses in 1979.