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Bill Nelms, basketball player
Photograph of Bill Nelms playing basketball in a gymnasium in 1942.
Football Players
Three football players standing together as one holds the championship ball from 1942. The men are Jamie Pratt, C.S Taylor, and Bobbie Moore.
Girls Basketball Team, 1942
Photograph of the girls basketball team photo from 1942. Eleven young women pose in their uniforms of white shirts, shoes, and shorts. The one in the front and center holds a basketball.
Ida Jean Smith playing basketball
Photograph of Ida Jean Smith posing with a basketball in a gymnasium in 1942.
[Men Working on an Airplane Wing]
Employees working on a B-24 airplane wing near the engine.
[B-24 heading for initial flight]
Photograph of a B-24 rolling from the hangar heading for its initial flight on April 17, 1942. A crowd stands to the right to watch.
[First Flight of B-24]
Photograph of the first flight of a B-24 on April 17, 1942. George Newman is flying the plane.
[George Newman in B-24]
Photograph of George Newman in a B-24 after its first flight on April 17, 1942. The propellers are turning and the plane is in a hangar. .
[Girdler talking into a microphone]
Photograph of Mr. Girdler (with mic) and Mr. Halifax talking to Mr. Newman who is in the air on the initial flight of a B-24 in April 17, 1942.
[Crew installing rear turrett and machine guns]
Two man crew installing a turret and machine gun on the rear of an airplane in April 1942.
[Crew Labeling Propellers in Paint Shop]
Photograph of two men labeling propellers in the paint shop in April 1942.
[Crew Making Installations]
Photograph of a man and woman cutting a piece of metal to be installed on an airplane, possibly the one behind them. Taken in April 1942.
[Interior of Fuselage]
Photograph of interior of the fuselage, looking forward, in April 1942.
[Man using a Drill Press]
Photograph of a man using a drill press in the machine shop in April 1942.
[Mr. Newman and Mr. Fleet in front of B-24 wheel]
Photograph of Mr. Newman, Mr. Fleet, and unknown man standing in front of a B-24 wheel in April 1942. The men are dressed in suits.
[Riveting Crew in the Nose of a B-24]
Photograph of a male and female working together in the nose of a B-24, riveting it together on April 24, 1942.
Ten men working inside an airplane fuselage
Photograph of ten men at work assembling the interior of an airplane fuselage in April 1942.
[B-24, left side]
Photograph of a B-24 from the left side, showing the wing with two propellers in April 1942.
[B-24 with men on top]
Photograph of a B-24 from the side with two workmen standing on the fuselage in April 1942. One of the large propellers is visible.
[George Newman and Helen Hayes in Mr. Newman's office]
Photograph of Helen Hayes with George Newman in his office, near his desk, in April 1942.
[George Newman and Helen Hayes inspecting a gas tank]
Photograph of George Newman and Helen Hayes inspecting a gas tank in April 1942.
[Helen Hayes and George Newman in motor glide]
Photograph of George Newman and Helen Hayes riding through the plant on a motor glide in April 1942.
Helen Hayes and George Newman Observing Wing Tip
A man in a dark suit with a white collar and necktie gestures towards a wrapped airplane wing tip behind a woman dressed in a pinstripe suit with tights, heels, a hat and corsage. A purse hangs from her arm. On the ceiling are fluorescent lights.
Side View of B-24 Showing Production Bulletin
Photograph of three men, one in a tan uniform with a hat, loading a weapon into the belly of an airplane. Several other men stand on or around the airplane. A poster with the image of a pilot and the words, "She's a swell plane - give us more! MORE PRODUCTION".
Elayne Montgomery Bowling
Photograph of Elayne Montgomery tossing a bowling ball down a bowling lane. She is wearing a white shirt with a plaid skirt and braids in her hair. Behind her is a man wearing a jacket and necktie with a microphone and several people sitting on benches.
Three Girls Working on R Wing
Photograph of three women in light-colored uniforms working on the inside of a plane wing. On the floor are toolboxes, tin cans and a hose. In the background are two men on top of the plane and fluorescent lights on the ceiling.
Girl Riveting at Trailing Edge of LS
Photograph of a woman with dark hair and high-wasted pants riveting on the trailing edge of an airplane. In the upper left-hand corner are several cables.
Girl Working on Machine
Photograph of a woman in a high-wasted light-colored uniform with dark hair working on a dark machine. The machine is on top of a wooden table with many poles underneath.
Man and Woman Riveting on Airplane Wing
Photograph of a man and woman riveting on the wing of a military airplane. They are both wearing light-colored uniforms, he with a hat and she with a handkerchief around her head. A large hose runs from her riveter. He is seated beneath the wing on a wooden box. In the foreground are more wooden boxes.
Woman Installing Wire in Leading Edge of Wing
Photograph of a woman installing wires on the leading edge of the wing of an airplane. She is wearing a light-colored uniform and is facing the open plane wing with exposed wires and hoses.
[George Newman talking with Charles Lindbergh]
Photograph of George Newman talking with Charles Lindbergh as they walk through the warehouse in May 1942. Other men accompany them, some in military uniforms.
Lindbergh, Newman and Hall
Photograph of men in George Newman's office in May 1942. Seated in the middle is aviator Charles Lindbergh. A telephone and lamp are on Mr. Newman's desk.
[Maj. Bill McDuffy joins tour with Lindbergh]
Photograph of Maj. Bill McDuffy joining Mr. Hall, George Newman, and Mr. Cawthorn as they give a tour of the plant to Charles Lindbergh in May 1942.
[Newman, Lindbergh and others by wing hoist]
Photograph of George Newman with a group, including Charles Lindbergh in the background, looking at an airplane wing hoist in May 1942.
[Newman and Woodhead in the plant]
George Newman, Mr. Woodhead and another unidentified man walk through the plant. They all are wearing suits and ties.
Fire Chief Jones and Policemen
Photograph of four men standing together. One is Fire Chief Jones who looks over some papers with policemen. The policemen wear uniforms and one has on a bowtie. The other two men wear suits. Three of them wear glasses.
[Guard examines visitor's identification card]
Guard examines a visitor's identification card as he enters the gate in an automobile in May 1942.
[Man running the grinding machine]
Photograph of a man running a grinding machine over a piece of metal in May 1942. He is wearing an apron to protect his clothing.
[Man running the grinding machine]
Photograph of a man running a grinding machine over a piece of metal in May 1942. He is wearing an apron to protect his clothing.
[H.M. Ruby and Edward Holley purchase a bond]
H.M. Ruby and Edward Holley purchase a bond from Marjorie Walker in May 1942.
[Mr. Mason and a group eating burgers]
Mr. Mason and a group having sandwiches outdoors in May 1942. They stand underneath trees. One woman holds a bottle of pop.
[Outdoor picnic]
June Sheppard hands a sandwich to Mrs. Jimmie Jarrott. Mr. L.N. Mason is in the background. Elise Larson holds two bottles of pop in the foreground. This photograph was taken on May 28, 1942.
Consolidated Bowling Team
Photograph of the Consolidated bowing team in June 1942 There are six members in this photograph all wearing satin bowling shirts with "Consolidated" across the back of them.
[Woman speaking over the public address system]
Woman wearing a striped dress speaks over the public address system in June 1942. A telephone and a microphone are on her desk.
Charlie, Helen and Dovie Gray on a horse
Photograph of Charlie, Helen and Dovie Gray in western clothing seated together on a horse in a field.
Jewell Armstrong and her horse Mollie
Photograph of Jewell Armstrong and her horse, Mollie, in a field.
Women softball players
Photograph of five women softball players standing in a field. L-R: Lillie Bell Poole, Nell McLaurin, Guin McMinn, Murill McNutt, and Francis Wilson.
C-87 in flight over Possum Kingdom
Aerial photograph of a C-87 in flight over Possum Kingdom. The plane has 4 propellers on it.
C-18 plane in flight
Aerial view of a C-87 in flight. It has 4 propellers and a star on the side and the right wing.
220-yard dash at the 1944 Fat Stock Show
Photograph of the runners making their start in the 220-yard dash at the 1944 Fat Stock Show track and field meet. The man on the far right is Curly Whitaker, who entered for Convair.