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Mrs. T.C. Bunch, Mayfest, Ft. Worth, Texas in 1895
Photograph of Mrs. T.C. Bunch standing in front of a white horse attached to a decorated carriage. She is wearing white dresses with puffy sleeves, a sash, holding a fan and has a bow in her hair. She is looking at an elderly man who is holding the reins of the horse in one hand and a cowboy hat in the other. Behind the horse and buggy are stairs leading to an open room with streamers in the windows. Across the top of the door are the words, "Mayfest '95".
[Portrait of R.S. Smith]
Portrait of R.S. Smith.
Lena Ellis on her 5th Birthday, 1894
Studio photograph of Lena Ellis on her fifth birthday. Her hair is short, dark and parted in the middle. She is wearing a large, long white dress with a sash and poofy sleeves. Her shoes are black with buckles and she holds a bouquet of flowers in her right hand. She is standing on top of a grass pile with a wooden fence behind her. Printed beneath the photograph is, "Works, Cor. 3rd and Main Streets. Fort Worth. Tex." Written is, "Lena Ellis".