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[Memorial Program for Air Corps Aviators, October 25, 1942]

Description: Memorial program for a group of aviators lost in the Gulf: George Everill Pierce, born February 2, 1907; John Gray Dodd, born April 3, 1918; Billy B. Boggess, born October 21, 1920; Floyd Cheathak, born May 20, 1918; Eugene A. Delisle, born September 26, 1909; Joseph L. Daichman, born February 13, 1913; and Sam A. Salli, born April 14, 1917. The memorial service was held October 25, 1942 at Eglin Field, Florida, officiated by Chaplain Waldo.
Date: October 25, 1942
Partner: George Everill Pierce Family Photographs

[Photograph of a Boeing Bomber at Randolph Field]

Description: Photograph of a large Boeing bomber outside of an aircraft hangar at Randolph Field located near San Antonio, Texas. A few men are working on the plane; one is sitting on top, one man is standing behind the right wing of the plane, and two other men are underneath the belly of the plane.
Date: unknown
Partner: George Everill Pierce Family Photographs
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