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[Albert Peyton George and an unidentified man astride saddled mules]
Photograph of Albert Peyton George and an unidentified man astride saddled mules. In this Sepiatone professional outdoors photograph, the two men are holding black umbrellas in their left hands and fans in their right hands. Both are wearing slacks, jackets, and hats. Man on right has a cigar in his mouth. A limb extends across the length of the (bottom) foreground. Trees in background. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. The back of the photograph has a picture of a town with crowd of people labeled "M'Leodsville.--Happy Hollow." Printed in black under picture and label: "HAPPY HOLLOW for outdoor amusements. FREE ENTERTAINMENT every pleasant day. Cages open all the time. DONKEYS and PONIES for mountain rides and phuny fotos. All owned and managed by McLEOD, THE WILD WEST PHOTOGRAPHER, Hot Springs, Ark." In black ink in back at top: "Left - Albert George". Image dimensions are: 11.3 cm x 17.5 cm.