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[Three women, four children, and a dog on a porch]

Description: Photograph of three women, three children, an African-American boy, and a dog on a porch. The woman on far left, who is leaning on the balustrade, is wearing a light colored dress with dark trim and dark hat. Woman in center, who is dressed in a dark dress with white bib inset, is seated on a wooden bench. Woman on far right is wearing a plaid blouse with dark skirt. Child in center is standing, while the two other children are seated on the steps near an African-American boy dressed in a dark suit. He has his hands on the head of the large dog. The photo is mounted on a tan textured cardboard substrate. Written on back in ink "I". Text on back in brown reads: "Potash, Victoria, Texas".
Date: 1885 - 1910
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park