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[Cowboy Willie Thomas Participating in Bull Riding Competition at a Rodeo]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an African-American cowboy, Willie Thomas, participating in bull riding competition at a rodeo. The photographer's signature is at the bottom: "Jim Crainer". The "J" in his first name has a hat drawn at the top and a face in the middle. There is a smile face drawn below the name "Jim." Willie Thomas is wearing boots, dark pants with dark colored fringed chaps, white pinstripe shirt, and white cowboy hat. There is a wooden gate in left background with two cowboys sitting on top. Another cowboy is sitting on the wooden partition on the far left. Six cowboys are standing near the wooden partition from center background to right. Two cowboys are sitting on wooden partition on right also. Trees in distance. Directly behind the rider was "Ray" he pulled flanks at the Sunday afternoon rodeos for Smokey. The photographer recalls that this picture was taken at the RV ranch in McBeth, Texas. The gentle man standing in front of the rider with the cigarette in his mouth is James Brown of Houston. To his right is Mike Nulish of Needville, he owns a feed store there. The fella standing at the tail of the bull with the hat on is Larry Thomas of Angleton.
Date: unknown
Creator: Crainer, Jim
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park