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[Cardboard box addressed to "Mrs. A.P. George Richmond, Texas"]

Description: Cardboard box addressed to "Mrs. A.P. George Richmond, Texas" from "J.J. SWEENEY JEWELRY COMPANY 417-419 Main Street HOUSTON, TEXAS". Contained 2000.085.095 There are two five cent postage stamps, one three cent postage stamp and one fifteen cent postage stamp on the box. On bottom of box postal service stamped it was sent on "MAR 29 1927".
Date: February 29, 1927
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Gray cardboard folder with white ribbon on binding]

Description: Gray cardboard folder with white ribbon on binding. Tissue page covers the paper insets in corners where photograph is secured. Front cover of folder has a thin gray line as a border. Written within bordered area: "Witzel L. A." Stamped on back of folder in red: "9280" and in blue "2924". Written in pencil on back: "Mrs. A. P. George Richmond, Tex 9 (?) So of P.O #7 blue slight brown lt yellow dress white trim". The folder contained the photograph 2000.035.030b of Mary Jones.
Date: [1927..1930]
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Black photograph album]

Description: Black photograph album. The cover is textured cardboard which is bound together by a black fabric ribbon. The interior lining of the album cover and subsequent pages are of thick black paper. The album contains 19 photographs taken at a cookout at Camp George. Album contains eleven pages. Photographs adhere to front and back of pages; however, front and back of every page is not utilized, unless there are photographs missing or removed at an early date (no evidence through fading or gluing of any removals). Notation at inside front cover in white: "CAMP GEORGE [T-shaped pattern under each letter of those two words] FORT-BEND-COTX. FEB 22-1920." Below this inscription is an embossed marking: "H. H. Morris Galveston, Tex.". The album is 1 cm thick.
Date: 1920
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park