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[Photograph of six men sitting on and around oil pipes]

Description: Photograph of six men sitting on and around oil pipes. The man on the left is seated on a pipe that is resting on the ground. A man is sitting above and behind him on pipe running from the main pipe, the focal point of the picture. Above and to the right of him is a man with his left leg hung over metal sticking out from the pipe. Next to him, on the right side of the pipe, stands a man leaning on the main pipe. Next to him is a man standing on the pipe with his left foot crossed over his right. A man is sitting on the pipe below the previous gentlemen. His legs are spread and his hands are placed in his lap with his feet dangling in the air. A pipe on the right side of the picture appears to be emitted some type of exhaust. At bottom of picture, handwritten: "Davis No. 6 flowing 1500 burls Sept 11th 1923"
Date: September 11, 1923
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Sylvester and Alfred Jodarski at George Ranch]

Description: Outdoor photograph of Sylvester and Alfred Jodarski taken on the George Ranch in 1923. Sylvester is wearing dark pants, white shirt, and a hat. Alfred is wearing dark stockings, dark knee pants, white shirt, black bow tie, and a hat. They are both standing on a dirt path in a pasture. There is a wooden gate at the end of the path directly behind the two boys. Fence in background, two horses seen just to the right in another pasture across the road. Written below image: "Sylvester [&] Alfred Jodarski 1923".
Date: 1923
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park