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[Five children on the Jodarski back porch]

Description: Outdoor photograph of five children on the Jodarski back porch. The photograph was taken in 1928 on the George Ranch. Two of the children are seated on the bottom step that leads to the porch, two children are standing on the second step, and the fifth child is standing on the top step. The white wooden house has a lantern hung on the exterior wall on the left side of the photograph.
Date: 1928
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[Photograph of Mary Jones sitting on an upholstered bench]

Description: Photograph of Mary Jones. The studio portrait of Mary sitting on an upholstered bench with her right leg tucked up under her left; right hand on arm of bench; left hand on bench seat; ends just below the knees. Mary, who has short hair, is wearing a light colored dress with white cap sleeves, round white collar with a wide print ribbon tied into a bow a center of collar. Just below the collar there is row of buttons with pleating that continues to hemline. Mary is wearing a watch on her left wrist. Photograph was found in folder 2000.035.030a.
Date: 1928 - 1930
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park