Howard Payne University Catalogs

About the Collection

The earliest known copy of the catalogs is from 1891. The issues from 1891 through 1923-24 contain a few black and white photographs of the campus, early Brownwood homes and businesses, student groups, and faculty members, plus a roster of both current students and recent alumni (1891-1954), thus providing an early pictorial and narrative history that was only later taken up by the yearbooks. The title varies slightly from year to year. The cover title, beginning with the 1913-1914 issue, for example, begins as "Howard Payne College Bulletin, Vol. 1, number 4". The numbering inconsistencies were later discontinued in favor of the catalog volume and date, but the cover title continued through the 1988-89 issue. Vol. 64, 1952-53 through vol. 84, 1972-73 were issued jointly by Howard Payne College and Daniel Baker College (which consolidated with Howard Payne in 1953).

In 1975-76, the name of the issuing body was changed from Howard Payne College to Howard Payne University. Issues from the early 1980's to the present have colored photographs on the covers, as well as black and white photographs scattered throughout. However, unlike the earliest issues, the individuals in the photographs are not identified. In 2005 the university began issuing the catalog biennially, with annual supplemental updates. Later issues include brief histories of the school, including Daniel Baker College, which merged with Howard Payne College in the early 1950's. From the 1970's on, the volumes include more detailed descriptions of departments and courses of study, with colored photographs of campus buildings on the covers and unidentified black and white photographs of various students involved in campus classes and activities.

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