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Administration Bldg. Randolph Field, Texas
Photograph of the Administration Building and surrounding buildings at Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Air Corps Supply and Post Quartermaster
Quartermaster, Randolph Field
Air Corps Supply (Randolph Field)
Air Corps supply building - Randolph Field
Bachelor Officers Area
Bachelor Officers housing at Randolph Field
Base Hospital at Randolph Field
Base hospital on Randolph Field
BT-2B-I Douglas Observation
BT-2B-I Douglas Observation aircraft parked at Randolph Field
Cadet Academic Building (Randolph Field)
Cadet academic building - Randolph Field
Cadet Dinner (Randolph Field)
Randolph Field Cadet Dinner
Commanding General's Quarters
Commanding General's quarters
Douglas Observation O38-E (N.G.)
Douglas Observation O38-E (N.G.) Airplane
Flying Cadet Mess Hall
Mess hall at Randolph AFB
H.H. Wooding, Assistant Secretary of War, Visiting Randolph Field
Visitation of Secretary of War. Troop formation for the event.
Operations Office Basic Stage
Operations office, basic stage at Randolph field
Post Chapel from the Top of the Administration Building at Randolph Field
Chapel at Randolph Field
Post Garage (Randolph Field)
Randolph Field, Post Garage
Post School (Randolph Field)
Post School, Randolph AFB
Pursuit (Boeing) F4B-3
Pursuit (Boeing) F4B-3
Pursuit (Boeing) U.S.M.C. F4B-3
Pursuit (Boeing) F48-3 U.S.M.C., frontal view
School of Aviation Medicine
School of Aviation Medicine at Randolph Field
Vought Observation S.U.T. - 2 (U.S.M.C.)
Vought Observation S.U.T.-2 (U.S.M.C.) frontal view
West Side Operation (Randolph Field)
Buildings and signal lights, Randolph AFB