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Jerry Burnett Home
Probably late 19th century two-story home. Family in front of home. Burnett family members.
Mahlon Hurst Home, Out-Building
Vacant out-building on Mahlon Hurst property
Mahlon Hurst Home, Site of
Site of the home of Mahlon Hurst
Ed Hurst Home, Site of
Site of Ed Hurst's home. North of Hwy 183, east of Melbourne in Hurst
Henry Gilbert Home
Dr. Henry Gilbert's Home in Smithfield (now part of North Richland Hills). Located at the intersection of Main Street and Smithfield Road. Home was razed in 1975.
Henry Gilbert Home
Dr. Henry Gilbert's home. It was at the intersection of Smithfield Rd. and Main St. It was storn down in 1975.
Turbivelle House
Turbivelle House.
Frank Estill Birthplace
Frank Estill's birthplace, south of Grapevine. He was born Sept. 11, 1879 in this log cabin.
Oak Shadows
Oak Shadows. Frank Estill purchased this cabin in 1949. It is on Harwood Road in Bedford.
Frank Estill Home
Weechie Estill sitting at front step of Frank Estill's home in Bedford.
Bushong Farm Cabin
Cabin on Bushong farm in Grapevine.
John Neely Bryan's Log Cabin
Replica of Dallas pioneer John Neely Bryan's Log Cabin, now located in Founder's Plaza in downtown Dallas.
Automobile Crash into a Home
Hurst Chief of Police Joe Watson at the scene, investigating the accident. J.D. Burk's home. R.P. McFarland's car.
Four Sixes Ranch Headquarters
Burk Burnett's Four Sixes Ranch
Frank Booth's Farm
Frank Booth's farmhouse in Tennessee, 1897. After he moved to Texas, his farm was located near intersection of Loop 820 and Hwy 10. Booth-Calloway Road is named partially for him because of the location of his homestead.
Ebenayer Booth's Home
Birthplace of Frank Booth in Murphreesboro, Tennessee. Two-Story Farmhouse. Man in doorway.
Bobo Home (interior in disarray)
Interior of abandoned Bobo home.
Weldon Wiles Bobo's Home
Four members of Bobo family in front of family home.
Bideault Home - Front Gate
Gates to Bideault family home
Bideault Home - Living room
Living room of Bideault home
Bideault Home
Henrietta, Louise and Nan Bideault in front of their home
John Neely Bryan's Log Cabin
John Neely Bryan's Log Cabin
Childhood Home of Gene Autry
A wooden-frame house in field. The childhood home of Gene Autry near Tioga.
N. B. Austin Home
Front of wood-frame home. Car parked beside
John J. Geary Log Cabin
Restored log cabin of John J. Geary in Grandbury
[William Volestire Severe Allen's Home]
Photograph of a wood frame house with adjoining outbuilding, both in very bad condition. The house was the home of William Volestire Severe Allen. A tree stands in the foreground of the image.
James M. Anderson Farm
Farmhouse and several outbuildings on Anderson farm
James M. Anderson, Home
Located where the intersection of Loop 820 and Airport Freeway is today. Children playing in backyard
James M. Anderson Home
Many people in front of house; perhaps a family reunion. House was north of hwy. 183 and west of S. Hurst Elementary School
Ten Oaks
Twin Oaks (home) with large tree in foreground
Ed Cromer Standing in front of Ten Oaks
Ed Cromer standing in front of Ten Oaks. He bought the house and 168 acres for $5500.
Ten Oaks
Ten Oack (Kathryn Cromer's home) located in Euless. Ed Cromer bought this house and 168 acres for $5500 from James K. Polk Hammond.
Ten Oaks (Kathryn Cromer's Home)
Home of Kathryn Cromer
Frank Pearce Real Estate
Frank Pearce Real Estate. Renovated two-story home in Smithfield area
George and Melvina Corbin Home and Children
Corbin family in front of their home in Grapevine.
Joseph Milton Cavender's Home
Home of Joseph Milton Cavender on Big Bear Creek, South of Grapevine.
Tom Cates Home
Tom Cates home. Fannie Cates and her son in the picture
Wiley Green Cannon's Log Cabin
Wiley Green Cannon's Log Cabin in Grapevine.
Calloway Family Home, Site of
Location of Calloway Family home. Booth-Calloway Road is partially named for them.
Tom Doriss Home
Dr. Tom Dorriss' home in Grapevine
J. R. Bailey Home
J. R. Bailey and wife, Irene, with daughter Irene in front of their home.
Two-Story Farmhouse
Wood-frame farmhouse
Old Farmhouse
Farmhouse in Bedford.
Large Group of Family Members
Family group of 19 members in front of house
Reginald Anderson Standing in Front of Isham's Chapel
Reginald Anderson standing in front of Isham's Chapel
Clerks behind a Store Counter
Looking down an aisle with large glass showcases on each side with three store clerks behind one of the glass showcases facing the entrance to the store.
Rovena Gertrude Barkley
Picture of Rovena Gertrude Barkley, daughter of Malinda Barkley.
Largest Class Ever Graduated in the State of Texas
Largest high school class graduated ever in Texas. A.L. Paschal, Principal. Mr. Ross Pinson, District Photographer for Tarrant County College, spliced this one large photograph together from four individual photos of the class in order to produce this one photograph.
Willie Hazel Anderson Standing in Front of Moss Rose Bush
Willie Hazel Anderson standing in front of moss rose bush growing beside her front porch
Hattie Arwine Anderson at a Sharpening Stone
Hattie Arwine Anderson sharpening an implement at a grinding stone