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Operations Office Basic Stage
Operations office, basic stage at Randolph field
East Park Looking West (Randolph Field)
Looking across Randolph Field from East Park. Campus of Randolph Field
West Side Operation (Randolph Field)
Buildings and signal lights, Randolph AFB
Administration Park Randolph Field Tex.
Aerial photograph of the Administration Building and surrounding area of Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Washing Prints in the Finishing Department
Soldiers washing prints at Randolph AFB photo lab
Airplanes in Rows (Randolph Field)
Planes on field at AFB. "Basic stage - ships on line."
Developing Aerial Film
Developing aerial film drum
Cadet Academic Building (Randolph Field)
Cadet academic building - Randolph Field
Washing Aerial Film
Man washing aerial film drum
Officers' Quarters (Randolph AFB)
Officers' quarters at Randolph AFB
Proof Sheet of Randolph Field Scenes
Proof sheet - Randolph AFB
Flying Cadet Mess Hall
Mess hall at Randolph AFB
Officers' Club Patio
Patio at Officers' Club at Randolph AFB
Post Chapel (Randolph Field)
Randolph Field Chapel
Cadet Dinner (Randolph Field)
Randolph Field Cadet Dinner
Officers' Club Patio and Fountain
Officers' Club Patio at Randolph Field
Visual Flying Illustration
Visual flying illustration used for flight instruction
Officers' Club Swimming Pool (Randolph Field)
Swimming pool at Officers' Club at Randolph Field
Interior Engine Shop
engine shop - Randolph field
MGM Cameraman Charles Marshall
Filming of "West Point of the Air" Randolph Field
South Park, Looking North (across Randolph Field)
Looking North across Randolph Field
52nd School Squadron Barracks, Randolph Field, Texas
Photograph of the 52nd squadron barracks at Randolph Field Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
Instrument Board BT-8
Flight instruction panel of a Seversky BT-8 at Randolph AFB
Colonel Art Goebel at Randolph Field
Colonel Art Goebel and another soldier standing by an airplane
Post School (Randolph Field)
Post School, Randolph AFB
Plotting Aerial Mosaic
soldier drafting aerial mosaic. Drafting Dept. Randolph field, San Antonio
BT2 (plane) in Flight
Lt. H.R. Parker Sgt. H.W. Arner A Douglas BT-2 biplane w/pilot and co-pilot in flight. Planes from Randolph Field
PT-3A (Airplane)
Consolidated PT-3A Trusty trainer plane on field at Randolph Field
Bachelor Officers Area
Bachelor Officers housing at Randolph Field
North Park Looking North, Randolph Field, Texas
Photograph of Randolph Field Air Force Base looking north across North Park. The Administration Building can be seen in distance.
U. S. Army Air Corps Squadron Emblems
Bomb squadron emblems for the 1st Observation Squadron; 94th Pursuit Squadron; 16th Observation Squadron; 95th Pursuit Squadron; 22nd Observation Squadron; 9th Bomb Squadron; 26th Attack Squadron; 8th Attack Squadron; 24th Pursuit Squadron; 44th Observation Squadron; 27th Pursuit Squadron; 2nd Observation Squadron; 19th Pursuit Squadron; 3rd Pursuit Squadron; 55th Pursuit Squadron; 99th Observation Squadron; 34th Pursuit Squadron; 73rd Pursuit Squadron; 11th Bomb Squadron; 91st Bomb Squadron; 30th Bomb Squadron; 28th Bomb Squadron; 35th Pursuit Squadron; 72nd Bomb Squadron; 20th Bomb Squadron; 96th Bomb Squadron; 23rd Bomb Squadron; 13th Attack Squadron; 77th Pursuit Squadron; 5th Observation Squadron; 49th Bomb Squadron;17th Pursuit Squadron; 7th Observation Squadron; 6th Observation Squadron; 25th Bomb Squadron; 36th Pursuit Squadron; 90th Attack Squadron; 88th Observation Squadron; 12th Observation Squadron; 50th Observation Squadron.
Air Corps Supply (Randolph Field)
Air Corps supply building - Randolph Field
Supply Room (Randolph Field)
Supply room - Randolph Field. Staff Sergeant Glenn West is seated at desk.
Chemical Department (Randolph Field)
Chemical Department - Randolph Field.
Overhead View of Randolph Field
Overview of Randolph Field
Headquarters Building Area (Barksdale Field)
Barksdale Field Headquarters Building. The service area of this air force base is Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.
Overhead View of Officers' Club and Administration Building
Overview of facility
Greenhouse (Randolph Field)
Greenhouse on Randolph Field
Non-Commissioned Officer's Club East Side
non-commissioned officer's club
Air Corps Supply and Post Quartermaster
Quartermaster, Randolph Field
Post Garage (Randolph Field)
Randolph Field, Post Garage
Airplanes in Rows (Randolph Field)
Planes lined up at Randolph AFB. "Basic Stage - Ships on Line."
Hangars "N" & "O" Showing Lights
Hangars - Randolph AFB
Departure of Brig. Gen. C.H. Danforth from Randolph Field
Departure of General C.H. Danforth from Randolph Field. Ships for aerial escort. Planes lined up with notation on the sides of each plane spelling out the sentence "Good Bye Gen. Danny Good Luck"
Visual Flying Illustration
Flying instrument panel
Movie Ship over Administration Building
Airplane flying over Administration Building at Randolph Field. "Movie ship over administration building", filming "West Point of the Air"
Photo Ship over Administration Building
airplane flying over Administration building at Randolph Field
Filming of "West Point of the Air"
MGM Filming of "West Point of the Air" at Randolph Field
Randolph Field Administration Building
administration building, Randolph Field
View of Flagpole from Archway of PX
Flag of the United States of America