James Edwin Thompson Surgical Papers

About Dr. James Edwin Thompson (1863-1927)

Dr. Thompson left England for Galveston, Texas in 1891 to serve as the first Chairman of Surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch, a position he held for 26 years. He is credited with bringing modern surgery to Texas and was an advocate of specialization; many credit him as the first surgeon in Texas to limit his practice exclusively to surgery.

Dr. Thompson was a founding member and first vice-president of the American College of Surgeons (1913) and a founding member and first president of the Texas Surgical Society (1915). He authored more than 75 medical articles, and his operations for cleft lip and cleft palate are considered classics in plastic surgery.

About the Collection

The James E. Thompson Papers collection contains the research and publications (1882-1937) of Dr. James Edwin Thompson as well as biographical materials and correspondence. Items included in this collection are photographs, diplomas and certificates, handwritten testimonials, research, and articles.

Related Artifacts

Dr. Thompson's surgical instruments are housed in The Moody Medical Library, Blocker History of Medicine Collection in Galvestion.

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