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[Addressing a question]
Salvador Espino address a question.
[Answering a question]
Salvador Espino answers a question at meeting while the gentleman seated next him looks at him. Behind them a woman stands in front of a microphone.
[At a meeting]
Salvador Espino is seated at a meeting in Fort Worth.
[At a meeting]
Salvador Espino looks down at something while a blond woman to his left looks over in his general direction.
[At the front]
Salvador Espino and another man are seen at the front of room seated at a table with microphones in front of them.
[At the podium]
Salvador Espino stands at a podium with microphone before speaking.
[Bringing attention to a document]
Salvador Espino holds aloft a document in his right hand.
[Council meeting]
A namplate identifies Salvador Espino and the district he represents.
[Cutting a ribbon]
A child and a woman use a large pair of wooden scissors to cut the ribbon being held up by man to open a new playground. The scissors have the words, "Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce."
Salvador Espino is a t playground with a shovel in his hands.
[Espino and Rivera]
Salvador Espino gives a speech while Robert Rivera stands along side of him.
[Espino talks while Rivera looks at him]
Head shots of Salvador Espino speaking into a microphone while Robert Rivera looks at him.
[From a distance]
Salvador Espino is seen from a distance addressing an audience.
[Head shot]
The head shot of Salvador Espino. Behind him are his degrees and certificates.
[Holding a document]
Salvador Espino holds a document aloft while speaking.
[In a stairwell]
Salvador Espino leans against the handrail in a stairwell.
Salvador Espino looks while attending a meeting.
A nameplate identifies Salvador Espino and the district that he represents.
[Next to a sign]
Salvador Espino stands next to sign outlining the rules at a Fort Worth city council meeting.
[Paying attention]
Salvador Espino pays attention at a meeting.
[Rivera and Espino]
The head shots of Rivera and Espino in a meeting.
[Rivera speaks]
At a meeting Robert Rivera speaks while Salvador Espino listens.
Salvador Espino is shown seated at a meeting.
Salvador Espino is pictured in front of a building.
[Speaking at a meeting]
A nameplate identifies Salvador Espino and the district that he represents.
[Speaking to two men]
Salvador Espino speaks to a priest and an unknown man at an event in Fort Worth.
[Turning his head]
Salvador Espino turns his head to the left. To his right is seated Robert Rivera.
[With a shovel]
Salvador Espino uses a shovel at a playground.
[With Robert Rivera]
Salvador Espino addresses a question. Alongside him stands Robert Rivera.