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[Criminal Intelligence Report to Captain W. P. Gannaway, January 27, 1964]

Description: Criminal Intelligence Report from Detective V. J. Brian to Captain Gannaway, through Lieutenant Jack Revill, listing all the intelligence collected regarding Edwin M. Baldoza, aka Edward M. Baldoza, a known associate of Jack Ruby, who was a possible witness for his defense trial.
Date: January 27, 1964
Creator: Brian, V. J.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Letter from William J. Duppy to J. E. Curry - November 27, 1963]

Description: Letter from William J. Duppy, Director of the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Division to Dallas Chief of Police J. E. Curry regarding the latter's request to run an analysis as to whether Jack Ruby was the same person mentioned in the Chicago Police Department's records. The search was negative.
Date: November 27, 1963
Creator: Duppy, William J.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Report regarding the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald]

Description: Report to Chief J. E. Curry by H. L. Dawson regarding his assignments and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. Dawson states that he was assigned to the basement of the City Hall. After the shooting he was directed to check the credentials of everyone who entered or exited the basement.
Date: November 27, 1963
Creator: Dawson, H. L.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Supplementary Offense Report Concerning Evidence by J. C. Day #1]

Description: Supplementary offense report by J. C. Day, concerning items removed from the body of Lee Harvey Oswald at Parkland Hospital on November 24, 1963, and sent to the National Archives. The items included a sweater, shirt, undershirt, trousers, socks, shoes, and a piece of paper found in the pocket of the trousers.
Date: January 27, 1967
Creator: Day, J. C.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[History of Jack Ruby]

Description: Photocopy of an extensive history of Jack Ruby. The history gives information about his medical history, school history, work history, family history, personality, and previous offenses.
Date: December 27, 1963
Creator: Dallas (Tex.). Police Department.
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives