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Primary view of [Letter from Alcalde to Political Chief] March 24th, 1835
March 24, 1835
Primary view of [Letter from Miguel Ramos Arizpe to Lorenzo de Zavala, May 26, 1827]
Arispe, Miguel Ramos
May 26, 1827
Primary view of [Letter from Mariano Arizcorreta to Valentin Gomez Farias, August 6, 1833]
Arizcorreta, Maro.
August 6, 1833
Primary view of Stephen F. Austin to Lorenzo de Zavala, Minister of the Treasury
Austin, S. F. (Stephen F.)
July 23, 1829
Primary view of [Letter from Bocanegra to unknown person, February 10, 1829]
Bocanegra, Jose Maria
February 10, 1829
Primary view of [Letter from Borrego to Political Chief of Nacogdoches]
April 1, 1835
Primary view of [Decree relative to the Catholic churches, January 13, 1841]
Burnet, David G.
January 13, 1841
Primary view of Section of Diary of Carlos Maria Bustamente
Bustamente, Carlos Maria
January 1, 1823
Primary view of J. Benito Camacho February 18th, 1835
Camacho, J. Benito
February 18, 1835
Primary view of [Letter from Juan de Dios Canedo to Lorenzo de Zavala, August 31, 1828]
Canedo, Juan de Dios
August 31, 1828
Primary view of [Letter from Antonio V. Casanueva to Lorenzo de Zavala, September 11, 1830]
Casanueva, Antonio V.
September 11, 1830
Primary view of [Letter from Casanueva to unknown person, perhaps Zavala, April 19, 1829]
Casanueva, Antonio V.
April 19, 1829
Primary view of [Letter from Casanueva to Zavala, December 18, 1830]
Casanueva, Antonio V.
December 18, 1830
Primary view of [Letter from Casanueva to Zavala, July 5, 1830]
Casanueva, Antonio V.
July 5, 1830
Primary view of [Letter from Casanueva to Zavala, November 27, 1830]
Casanueva, Antonio V.
November 27, 1830
Primary view of [Decree of the Congreso Constitucional promulgated May 5, 1834, by Governor Vidaurri y Villaseñor]
Coahuila and Texas (Mexico)
May 5, 1834
Primary view of Gobierno Supremo del Estado libre de Coahuila y Tejas, Decree No. 250
Coahuila and Texas (Mexico)
January 27, 1834
Primary view of Letter from Martín Perfecto de Cos to Commandant General June 17th 1835
Cos, Martín Perfecto de
June 17, 1835
Primary view of José María Falcón, Secretary of the State Government, to José Angel Navarro, Acting Political Chief of Dept. of Béxar]
Falcón, José María
July 20, 1835
Primary view of [Petition letter number 371]
General Land Office
May 28, 1835
Primary view of [Draft of letter from Valentin Gomez Farias to Crescencio Rejón]
Gomez Farias, Valentin
November 19, 1844
Primary view of [Draft of letter from Valentin Gomez Farias to General Adrian Woll, Noveber 22, 1844]
Gomez Farias, Valentin
November 22, 1844
Primary view of [Letter from Isidro Rafael Gondra to Lorenzo de Zavala, December 7, 1831]
Gondra, Isidro Rafael
December 7, 1831
Primary view of [Letter from Jose Geraldo Hernandes to Zavala, September 5, 1818]
Hernandes, Jose Geraldo
September 5, 1818