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Scene from "The Heavenly Case of The Bicentennial- America On Trial"

Description: A.W. Bishop, Lee Bennett, Billy Bob Plumbley, Robert Pruett, Juan Dominguez, Gene Odell, Dorothy Walker and John Kearney in the play "The Heavenly Case of The Bicentennial-America On Trial" presented on March 25 and 26, 1976 in the Gregg Auditorium, in Marfa, Texas.
Date: March 1976
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Marfa Public Library

School Picture

Description: Description of a photograph in a research paper. These pages describe a school room at a private Catholic school in Marfa, Texas in 1905 and mentions members of the Lujan family that attended the school.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Text
Partner: Marfa Public Library