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[Charlie Standifer Holding a Turkey By His Side]
Photograph of Charlie Standifer standing in an expansive field where cattle can be seen grazing in the distance. He is holding a turkey at his side and in his other hand he is holding a jug. He is wearing a long-sleeve, collared button-up shirt and pants that are held up by a belt.
[Elderly Woman in a Long Black Peacoat]
Photograph of an elderly woman wearing a long, black pea coat that is not fully buttoned up. She is also wearing a turban-style hat on her head and gloves on her hands. In one of her hands she is holding a handkerchief. Leafless trees are visible behind her, as is a wooden fence.
[Framed Portrait of a Young Man]
Portrait of a young man, encased in an oval frame which is in a foldable card frame. He has short, dark hair and is wearing a buttoned jacket, tie, and shirt with a winged collar.
[Group of Young Women Seated Near a Stone Wall]
Photograph of a group of young women situated on the steps of a stone retaining wall. Trees and a body of water can be seen behind them.
[Horse-Drawn Wagon Standing in a River]
Photograph of a horse-drawn wagon that has come to a standstill in the middle of a swollen river. Seated in the wagon is John A. Matthews wearing a hat and a suit.
[An Infant Lying in Blankets]
Photograph of an infant lying down in an assortment of blankets and linens.
[John A. Matthews, Jr. and Dogs on a Porch]
Photograph of a young John A. Matthews, Jr. maneuvering on the railed porch of a house. He is reaching over the railing and touching the nose of a dog that is also standing on the rail. A second dog can be seen behind the railing to the right.
[Lucile Bartholomew Sitting and Smiling Outdoors]
Photograph of a young Lucile Bartholomew seated on a lawn atop an unidentified object. She is smiling and has her arms folded in her lap. A picket fence is visible behind her.
[Man on Horseback Holding a Long Gun]
Photograph of a man on horseback holding a long gun in the air. He is wearing a hat, a long-sleeve shirt and pants. His horse is a light-color. The remains of a deer are lying across the horse's back.
[Nathan L. Bartholomew Standing by at Barn]
Photograph of Nathan L. Bartholomew wearing a hat and a suit while standing outdoors near a wooden barn. He is pointing a closed umbrella. A fence and a house are visible in the distance.
[Portrait of a Young Child on a Chair]
Photograph of a young child in a frilly white shirt, buttoned trousers, and stockings. The child leans on a fringed arm of the chair he's sitting in.
[Portrait of John A. Matthews, Jr. in a Sailor Suit]
Photograph of a young John A. Matthews, Jr. wearing a sailor-suit style outfit, completed with a long-sleeve sailor collar shirt, a necktie, shorts, socks, and oxford shoes. His haircut is a short, blunt style with bangs.
[Portrait of Two Children on a Chair]
Photograph portrait of two children sitting in a dark chair. The child on the left is perhaps toddler age and is wearing a white dress. The child on the right is younger and also wearing a white dress.
[Portrait of Young Watt Matthews in a Dress]
Photograph portrait of Watt Matthews as a young child wearing a dress. The photo is cut into an oval shape.
[Ranch Buildings]
Photograph of three ranch buildings as seen over a field. Taken from the southeast, the buildings are a ranch house, barn, and a shed.
[A Ride in a Goat-Driven Wagon]
Photograph of a young Watt Matthews riding in a miniature wagon that is being drawn by a goat.
[Roy Rodriguez and Four Men with Long Guns]
Photograph of Roy Rodriguez (seated left) sitting in a row with four other men holding long guns. They are sitting in chairs in front of a tent and a windpump (right).
[Six Women Posing for a Portrait]
Photograph of six women wearing white high-collar blouses and ornate hats. The photo is shaped into an oval and set into a mat. Numbers are written in pencil around the photo, corresponding to the following women: 1 - Susette Matthews, 2 - Beulah Casey, 3 - Johnie Le Mond, 4 - Carrie Hoover, 5 - ?, 6 - Ruby Conrad.
[Three Kids Seated on a Lawn]
Photograph of two young boys and a toddler-aged girl sitting together in a fenced-in yard.
[Three Riders in front of a House]
Photograph of three riders in front of a house. The two closest people are women with broad brimmed hats, while a man rides a horse closer to the house. The rightmost horse has been branded with a B and an S.
[Two Women Standing Outside of a House]
Photograph of two women standing just outside a house, each of them poised near a plant. On the left is the elderly Anne Maria Reynolds, who is wearing a black shawl and a long-sleeved dress with a full length skirt, standing next to a floral bush. On the right a relatively younger woman, also wearing a long-sleeved dress, is standing next to a larger, leafy plant; she is holding a vine from the plant in front of her. The reverse side is inscribed with "G. T. R., Easter Greetings from Sisters Kodak."
[Two Women with a Baby]
Photograph of Susette Matthews and Netta Pyle seated on a bench with a toddler-aged Bill Nail between them. While holding the child up on its feet, Matthews gives it a kiss. Both women are dressed in early twentieth century Gibson Girl fashion.
[Two Young Boys on Horseback]
Photograph of two young boys seated atop a couple of horses that have been saddled and reined. They are both wearing newsboy caps, long-sleeved shirts that tie at the collar, knee-length shorts, and socks. A couple of boys are standing behind them. A vine-covered house is partially visible in the background.
[Watt Matthews Fishing in a Creek]
Photograph of Watt Matthews wearing a broad brimmed hat, sitting on a rock with a dinner plate on it, and fishing in a creek with a stick. A shrub covered hill rises on the other side of the creek.
[Women and Children Posing at a Bridge]
Photograph of a group of children and women, posed for a portrait on a wooden bridge in a forest. They are surrounded by bare trees.
[Young Boy Leading a Toddler Through a Yard]
Photograph of a boy holding the hand of a toddler-aged girl, leading her through a fenced in yard. The toddler, who is wearing a dress, has her free hand curled up over her mouth. The boy is wearing a hat, a jacket, a shirt, and knee-length shorts.
[Young Watt Matthews with a Lasso]
Photograph of a young Watt Matthews with a lassoed rope in his hands. He is wearing a cowboy hat, a bandanna tied around his neck, and a pair of chaps. A wooden fence is visible behind him.