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[Reynolds Bend Barn]
Photograph of a barn in Reynolds Bend, Texas. It is a one story stone building with a gabled metal roof. There is a window on the left side of the building, a large window further right, two large openings that take up about a third of the building, and a door to the right on another side of the building. A horse can be seen through the openings to the side.
[Three Men and a Child at Burkett Bend]
Photograph of three men and a child along the side of a creek. Rocks protrude from around the edges of the stream, with trees and a hill rising behind them. The squatting man may be Ardon Judd, Sr.
[Watt Reynolds Matthews Photo Album]
Album of photographs collected by Watt Reynolds Matthews including images of his family and the ranch. The first page of photos is page 7.