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[Howsley and Matthews Families]
Photograph of Howsley and Matthews families gathered in a field and posing for a photo. There are two rows of people sitting in front of an otherwise standing group.
[Phineas Reynolds, Watt R. Matthews, and Benjamin F. Reynolds]
Photograph of three men sitting together. Two elderly men (Phineas Reynolds and Benjamin F. Reynolds) are sitting it in front of Watt Reynolds.
[Photograph of John and Sallie Matthews by a Well]
Photograph of the elderly John and Sallie Matthews standing together by a stone well. Sallie is wearing spectacles, a low necked blouse, knee length skirt, hose, and shoes. John is wearing a cowboy hat, glasses, patterned white shirt, dark pants, and shoes.
[Sallie Reynolds Matthews and John A. Matthews near Garden Fence]
Photograph of an Sallie Reynolds Matthews in a dress standing at a wire mesh fence. She is standing among various plants and a shrub at her feet while John A. Matthews stands in the background.
[Sallie Reynolds Matthews in a Chair]
Photograph of an elderly bespectacled woman seated on a chair and holding needlework. She is in a room with a rug, end table, and a lamp. Light comes in from a window down the hall.
[Sisters and Sallie Reynolds Matthews Standing Outside by Windows]
Photograph of a group of sisters and Sallie Reynolds Matthews wearing heavy clothing and standing outside of a building between two windows. They are, from left to right: Sallie Matthews Judd; Lucile Matthews Brittingham; Ethel Matthews Casey; Sallie Reynolds Matthews; May Matthews Blanton; and Susette Matthews Burns.
[Three Photographs of People Eating in a Wooded Area]
Photographs of people eating outdoors in a wooded area. The second and third photos show that they're eating near a body of water.
[Three Photographs of Resting and Working on Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of resting and working on Matthews Ranch. The first photograph shows two men sitting on or by a truck that's parked near a dirt road. The man sitting on the truck has a box and plate in front of him. The second photograph shows a herd of cattle in pens. The third photo shows several men around and on top of a restrained calf. Cattle can be seen in the background.
[Three Photographs of Two Women and an Old Bunkhouse]
Photographs of two women and a ranch house. The first two photos feature two women sitting in the back seat of a car. Both are wearing gingham tops, but the woman on the right is wearing a hat and glasses. The third photo is a long ranch bunkhouse with a automobile sitting to the left.
[Three Photos of Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of Matthews Ranch. The first photograph on the left is of ranch buildings with a truck and men standing outside. The middle photograph is of a ranch building obfuscated by a tree. The third photograph is of a person standing outside of a car on ranch land.
[Three Pictures of Cattle and Cowboys]
Photographs of cattle and cowboys on a range. The first picture on the left features cattle moving past a fence containing more cattle and four cowboys on horses. The second photo features cattle behind a fence and mounted cowboys on either side of that fence. The third photo is of Watt Matthews standing on range land in front of a pond.
[Three Women and a Baby]
Photograph of three women and a baby. Four generations of women: Elderly Sallie Reynolds Matthews is seated to the left and holding infant Susan Payne. Susie Payne is wearing a dark shawl and is standing to the left of Susette M. Burns.
[Two Men in Front of a House]
Photograph of two men in three piece suits standing in front of a brick house and on top of a welcome mat. The man on the left is John A. Matthews.
[Two Photos of Cowboys Restraining a Calf]
Photographs of cowboys restraining a calf. In the left photo, men are gathered around a calf that is being held by two cowboys. Cattle are behind them. The photo to the right shows a calf being held down by two cowboys while a third person holds an object inside of a bowl.
[Watt Matthews and Ardon Judd, Sr. in a Decorated Doorway]
Photograph of Watt Matthews and Ardon Judd Sr. in a doorway that has been decorated with a "vine" of tree needles and colored light bulbs. A Christmas wreath hangs on the door behind the men.
[Watt Matthews, Ethel M. Casey, and Liston Casey]
Photograph of Watt Matthews, Ethel M. Casey, and Liston Casey standing under a tree. A wooden fence is visible behind them and a wooden building is off to the right.