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[Family Being Served at Christmas Dinner Table]

Description: Photograph of a family being served Christmas dinner. From the lower left corner of the table to the lower right: Three unknown dinner guests; Edna Blanton; Tom Blanton (in back); Watt Matthews is seated at the head of the table; a woman in white serving; Richard King stands in a white uniform in the upper right of the photo; Two unidentified male guests; and Louise Matthews. The table is set with a red tablecloth, plates, wine glasses, bowls, lit candles, and a cooked bird. Floral curtains, windows, and a green plant are in the rear.
Date: December 1955
Creator: Blanton, Joseph Edwin
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch

[Early Aerial View of Albany, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Albany, Texas, taken from a hillside in the town's early days. A building, horse drawn buggy, and trees are visible in the foreground. Just behind these lies a ranch house and property surrounded by a wooden fence. A path leads from the house to an outhouse and a gate. A team of animals is being followed by a person in the field behind this fenced area. Houses and other buildings are in the periphery, and a long hill is visible in the background.
Date: unknown
Creator: Chis'm Bros
Partner: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch