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[Photograph of Jesse James and His Boys Performing]
Photograph of the band Jesse James and His Boys performing onstage in Baytown, Texas. Five men in shirts, ties, and slacks are standing on an elevated stage to one side of a jukebox.
[Photograph of The Clique]
Photograph of the band The Clique posing in three rows for the camera. In the first row, the man to the left is wearing a buttoned black shirt, and the man to the right is wearing a loose floral jacket with a thick chain necklace. On the second row (left to right), there is a man in a lightly colored band uniform, a man wearing a shimmering jacket, and another man wearing a type of band uniform. There is a lone man in the third row, wearing a black jacket with epaulets. Listed long the bottom of the photo is the band's management, then the band's name, and then their recording company.
Tex Martin on "Easy Money"
Photograph of Tex Martin riding a bucking horse at a rodeo. A line of cowboys are crouched down underneath a railing and watching, while a more formally dressed crowd watches from the stands.