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Texaco Main Gate 1953

Description: Photograph of the main gate of Texaco in 1953. The gate is attended by a single guard. To the left of the gate is a building bearing a large sign declaring that there has been 1,594,538 man hours since the last "lost time injury." There is also a sign requesting that no reading material be carried inside, and other sign on the gate that requests that no matches be carried inside. Two boxes written with the words "Red Head Matches" stand in front of the building.
Date: 1953
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

Clyde H. Martin

Description: Photograph of Clyde H. Martin wearing cowboy regalia and posing with a saddle embossed with the words "All Around Cowboy 1959" and "Texas A.M. Rodeo Intercollegiate."
Date: 1959
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Photograph of Cookie and the Cupcakes Performing]

Description: Photograph of Cookie and the Cupcakes performing under a string of balloons and in front of walls adorned with hand drawn artwork. There are four men in the foreground. The first and last are playing guitars and and two men in the middle are holding saxophones. In the background to the left is a man playing piano, while to the right is a man playing a drum set that has the band's name emblazoned on the bass drum.
Date: 1956~
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Million Dollar Pleasure Pier]

Description: Photograph of a large group of people walking around the Million Dollar Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur, Texas. Several buildings, including concession stands, are visible in the background, and there are rides in the foreground.
Date: 1951
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Four Men in Suits]

Description: Photograph of four men wearing suits standing together at a party in Port Arthur, Texas. They are, from left to right, Frank Bryan, an unknown man, Jim Rowland, and Lyle Vickers.
Date: January 30, 1959
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Reception for Oil Officials]

Description: Photograph of a large group of men in suits mingling at a reception for oil refinery company officials held at the Port Arthur Club in the Goodhue Hotel in Port Arthur, Texas. The reception was sponsored by Port Arthur's Chamber of Commerce.
Date: 1952
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[First Annual Baby Contest in Port Arthur]

Description: Photograph of a group of people and babies, from the First Annual Baby Contest in Port Arthur. There is handwriting identifying each person, and the baby on the far left is labeled as the winner of the contest. The baby is wearing a while outfit and bonnet, and is in the lap of a man in a suit. The image is dated March 6, 1955.
Date: February 6, 1955
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Elementary School Drill Team]

Description: Photograph of the Lamar Elementary School Drill Team. The drill team is made up of children in uniforms holding batons. Two girls in the back of the line are holding drums, and a few girls in each line are doing the splits. Handwriting on the border of the photograph dates it from 1952.
Date: 1952
Creator: Watkins, J. C.
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Carver School Teachers]

Description: Photograph of teachers from Carver Elementary School. They are wearing black outfits with flowers pinned to their shoulders. They are in two rows and there are flowers in vases in on the floor.
Date: 1952
Creator: Briscoe
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Woman With Texaco Products]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a white shirt advertising Texaco products. She is standing behind a table that has multiple cans of different varieties of motor oil, capella oil, havoline, and other gasoline products.
Date: July 26, 1958
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Photograph of Sunbonnet Sue Operetta]

Description: Photograph of Sunbonnet Sue Operetta cast at Tyrell Elementary School. Rows of students are lined up and wearing mostly agricultural costumes. Janis Joplin is the fifth child from the right. Behind the children, there is a backdrop of a night scene set along the stage curtain. A mixed group of adults and children are seated before the stage.
Date: 1954-05~
Creator: Rice Studio
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Photograph Featuring Janis Joplin at Tyrell Elementary School]

Description: Photograph of the Tyrell Elementary School' 1952 Christmas Program. Children are arranged onstage in a raked pyramid in front of a curtain. Each child is wearing a white top and holding a microphone. The girl sitting to the far right of the bottom row is Janis Joplin. An adult woman is sitting before the stage in a wooden chair, and other people can be seen sitting behind her.
Date: December 1952
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast