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[Photograph of Four Young Women on a Carousel]
Photograph of four young women on a carousel. Two sit on a bench, while one stands on the bench and another stands behind her. On the mat beneath the photo are written the names Estelle, Ruby, Margaret, and Rose.
[Photograph of Factory Workers]
Photograph of factory workers. They have lined up into different levels of rows to pose for the photo. Their manner of dress is varied, but most wear dark clothes. Many of their hands are covered in soot. They are posed inside of a factory, with industrial materials visible behind the men and beneath them.
[Photograph of Factory Workers]
Photograph of furniture factory workers stopping work to pose for a photo. Several men in work clothes stand in the foreground around machines. Dozens more can be seen in the background of a factory filled with machines and straps. Daylight pours in from high windows along the upper left quadrant of the photo.
[Photograph of Aerial View of Gulf Oil Corporation]
Photograph of aerial view of Gulf Oil Corporation buildings, storage tanks, and refineries. Simple housing can be seen in the bottom left side of the photo. Smoke from in the background is blowing to the left.
[Photograph of Marcia Ball with Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown]
Photograph of Marcia Bell in a light dress and crab earrings standing beside Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown in a black Stetson hat and a light plaid shirt.
[Photograph of Marcia Ball with Bill Clinton at a Formal Event]
Photograph of Marcia Ball in a black dress with a pearl necklace, standing between Bill Clinton to the right and a man in a tuxedo to the left. Additional people can be seen in the background in front of a bluish curtain speckled with points of light
[Photograph of a Rainbow Bridge Parade]
Photograph of a parade for the ribbon cutting ceremony of Rainbow Bridge. The procession is being lead by African American men in military uniform. On either side of the parade is a crowd watching from both the street and from the windows of nearby buildings.
[Photograph of a Crowd at a Rainbow Bridge Parade]
Photograph of a crowd attending a parade for the ribbon cutting ceremony for Rainbow Bridge. People are on either side of the busy street and there are several buildings in the background.
[Photograph of a "Shantytown" Outside of Port Arthur, Texas]
Photograph of a "shantytown" on the outskirts of Port Arthur, Texas. A group of African Americans stand in a group beside a row of dilapidated houses.
[Photograph of People at Port Arthur College, 1914]
Photograph of men and women on the steps of Port Arthur College. They are arranged in six rows that decline upward, with the final row being comprised of a single man. Men in the photograph are wearing suits and ties, whereas the women are wearing blouses and skirts. Two separate pieces of a paper have been taped above and below the photo. Over the photo is a description of the image and the date. Below the image is the name of the donor, Maccie Barrier LaGrone.
[Photograph of Faculty of the First School in Port Arthur, Texas]
Photograph of the principal and teachers of the first school in Port Arthur, Texas. Four rows of people sit on a railed stairway leading up to a set of double doors on a brick building. The group is made up of twelve women wearing light blouses and dark skirts, with two men in suits sitting in the front row. The reverse side of the mat contains a handwritten list of surnames and the name of the principal, Steven Durfee. He is noted as the father of Mrs. Frank Timmons
[Photograph of a Sailing Ship Being Pulled by a Tugboat]
Photograph of a large sailing vessel being pulled by a smaller tugboat in choppy waters. The larger sailing vessel is to the left and has nine rhomboidal and triangular sails. To the right and in front of the ship is a small tugboat in shadow.
[Photograph of Canal Bank in Port Arthur, Texas, February 2, 1922]
Photograph of the Port Arthur, Texas, ship canal and bridge showing signs of erosion. The grass and sand of the bank shows vehicle tracks, leading back past power lines and towards houses. The mid portion of the photo displays the bridge raised over the canal with some people standing along the structure. On the lower right portion of the photo is a dated note describing the view.
[Photograph of United States Destroyers, 1908]
Photograph of a row of United States destroyer vessels participating in the opening of the Sabine-Neches canal in 1908. The armed destroyers are tied together across their bows, and sailors can be seen working on board. The vessels are named, from left to right, "Sterret," "Terry," "Walke," and "Monach."
[Photograph of the First Bank in Port Arthur, Texas]
Photograph of the first bank in Port Arthur, Texas, c. 1908. The bank is a single story clapboard building with a flat roof. Two tall windows are on the side between entrances. Two signs hang over the left entrance, the first printed with "P. Haney and Co. Contracting Stevedores" and the second with "W. H. Gilliland S. S. Agent." To the right of this entrance is another sign advertising a postal telegraph. Two men in suits stand in front of the left entrance, with two more men posing under a telegraph advertisement in the background. Under the photograph is a mounted and printed piece of paper describing the photo and mentioning that the first telephone in the building had Mrs. Fred Borden as one of its operators. There is also a handwritten description on the back of the mat.
[Photograph of Oil Well Fire in Port Arthur, Texas, September 13, 1902]
Photograph of an oil well fire, with smoke roiling into the sky as eighteen men look on. A tank to the left of the blaze is itself giving off smoke. Industrial materials litter the foreground, and two intact oil rigs can be seen in the background. On the reverse side, there is a handwritten passage stating "Kieths Ward Fire - Texas Gusher throwing 200 ft and Higgins 10000 barrel Pressure Tank."
[Photograph of Men in Front of a Texaco Station in Port Arthur, Texas, June 22, 1932]
Photograph of a group of thirteen men standing in front of a Texaco gas station. The men stand in two rows. The first row features three men in suits and a fourth man in a shirt and bow tie. The second row is primarily composed of men in white shirts and ties, with the third and eighth man wearing suits. Behind them, the Texaco station flies a Texaco and United States flag side by side. A single pump can be seen just behind the group, and a Texaco shaped like a question mark is further to the right. A body of water can be seen in the right background. The reverse side of the photograph identifies Fred P. Dodge as the person on the far right of the front row.
[Photograph of Port Arthur High School Students, 1908-1909]
Photograph of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students of Port Arthur High School, 1908-1909. Principal Dilley is identified as standing to the far right. Superintendent J. H. Bright is standing at the far left behind a woman named Mary E. Donaldson. The students are arranged in three rows in front of a brick building with four tall windows behind them.
[Photograph of the Hayne Family, 1906]
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Hayne, Alda, and Andy (on the pony) in front of a house labeled 248 in Port Arthur, Texas. There are several houses on the fenced in property, three with visible chimneys and two with ornamental posted awnings. Walkways made up of crushed shells have been made outside of the fence. On the reverse mat side of the photo, the address is given as Houston Avenue and Fourth Street in Port Arthur.
[Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman With a Plate]
Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman showing off a plate. She is wearing a dark dress and standing in front of a columned building on a lawn. The reverse side of the photograph bears her name and a description.
[Photograph of a Museum Display of the First Queen of Port Arthur, Texas]
Photograph of a museum display depicting the first queen of Port Arthur, Texas, 1923. A mannequin wearing a tiara and ornate dress stands between a display case to the left and a document display case and chair to the right. Small signs amid the mannequin's feet note the dressmaker, Ida Griffin, and the first queen of Port Arthur, Mary Donaldson. Near the bottom of the photo is a photo of the original queen wearing the dress. To the far right is a sign urging pioneer families to display at least one item from the case.
[Postcard of a Flooded Street in Port Arthur, Texas, August 1915]
Postcard depicting a group of men standing in a flooded street in Port Arthur, Texas. The waters rise over the knees of the men gathered at the intersection of Austin and 5th Street. Two telephone lines and two buildings loom above either side of the street; the building to the right is the Port Arthur post office. Trees and several other buildings can be seen in the background.
[Photograph of Flooded House, 1943]
Photograph of a flooded house in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1943. The gabled clapboard house with four shuttered windows and a central door is flooded up to the walkway. A partially covered shrub can be seen in the foreground.
[Photograph of Three Women on a Parade Float]
Photograph of three women sitting on a flowered parade float, holding dark ribbons attached to a pole shaped like a drilling rig. A tall brick building can be seen behind the float.
[Tracy Byrd Holding a Guitar]
Photograph of Tracy Byrd holding a guitar. He is wearing white shirt, black cowboy hat, and a leaning on a black acoustic guitar.
[Photograph of Elderly Men at a High School Reunion]
Photograph of group of men at their sixtieth high school reunion at a Wyatt's Cafeteria in Port Arthur, Texas. They are, from left to right, Harry Gorbens, Steve Vaught, Mason Barron, and Bennie Jarratt.
[Photograph of Mary E. Donaldson]
Photograph of Port Arthur High School teacher Mary E. Donaldson. She is wearing a white dress and gauzy material around her neck. The reverse side of the photo has handwritten notes including her name, her profession, and that she gave this photo to Frances Furchner in 1921.
[Photograph of August Furchner]
Photograph of August Furchner wearing a medal and buttoned suit. The reverse side is written with his name.
[Photograph of August and Theresa Furchner, 1900]
Photograph of August and Theresa Furchner posing for a portrait. August Furchner is sitting in a wicker chair to the left, wearing a suit and hat. His wife Theresa is standing to the right with a hand on her husband's shoulder. She is wearing a floral embroidered dress with a striped collar and a floral hat.
[Photograph of Frances and Augusta Furchner]
Photograph of Frances (younger and to the left) and Augusta (right) Furchner. The young children are wearing white dress and standing in front of a painted landscape background. The bottom of the mat is imprinted with the words "Dailey Texas." The reverse side of the mat has been written upon with the names of the children, listing Augusta as Augusta Furchner Bolew.
[Photograph of Theresa Furchner, May 1938]
Photograph of Theresa Furchner standing in a dress beside a palm tree. A house and more trees can be seen in the background. The reverse side of the photo says "My mother Theresa Furchner Trip to her homeland in May 1938"
[Photograph of Women Standing Under a Tree]
Photograph of a group of five women standing together under some trees. The eldest woman stands in front, wearing a floral print dress. Two of the younger women stand to her sides, while two stand behind.
[Photograph of Aerial View of Port Arthur, 1945]
Photograph of Port Arthur, Texas, with an aerial view of the courthouse, bridge, Pleasure Island, and YMCA. The courthouse stands in the stone building in the center of the photo, surrounded by streets that are lined with cars. The bridge is raised for a passing boat. Beyond the bridge, a roller coaster can be seen. The Watkins Studio mark is in the bottom right corner.
[Pleasure Island Bridge in Port Arthur]
Photograph of Pleasure Island Bridge in Port Arthur, Texas. Ship passing beneath bridge following a tugboat.
[Photograph of Aerial View of Rainbow Bridge, 1957]
Photograph with aerial view of the Rainbow Bridge spanning the Neches River near Port Arthur, Texas. Shadows of several clouds dot the landscape. A ship is passing underneath the bridge. Several canals branch off from the river on its way to Sabine Lake, which encompasses much of the background. The other side of the photo has a handwritten note saying that this was a gift of A. W. Catanach, 1992.
[Postcard of Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur, Texas]
Postcard of an aerial view of Pleasure Island in Port Arthur, Texas. Pleasure Island is near the bottom of the photo, featuring a roller coaster and several buildings along the waterway. A boulevard stretches from the Pier towards Port Arthur, wherein several buildings are visible. Along the background, oil refiners and tanks are visible. The reverse side of the postcard has a description on the upper left, the words "Jumbo Post Card" to the right, and a three cent stamp bearing the profile of Thomas Jefferson in the upper right corner.
[Photograph of the Franklin Drug Store in Port Arthur, Texas]
Photograph of the Franklin Drug store in Port Arthur, Texas. A large white sign hangs over the entrance, noting the name of the store and of E. K. Skinner, registered pharmacist. The doors are closed, and both the doors and windows are decked with flyers.
[Photograph of Aerial View of the Standard Brass and Manufacturing Company]
Photograph of the Standard Brass and Manufacturing Company (1926-1972). The scene features a series of industrial buildings set along a dirt road and a series of railroad tracks. The fenced complex has several smaller buildings along its perimeter, as well as a scrapyard visible in the lower right corner. Several 1940s style automobiles are parked outside.
[Photograph of the Boat, Heinrich Schulte, at Dock]
Photograph of a boat named the Heinrich Schulte at dock. The vessel is pulled up alongside a pier that has several grain elevators raised along the left side of the photo. To the right of the Heinrich Schulte is another boat with no visible name.
[Photograph of Boats at Dock]
Photograph of several boats at dock. The Slade Brown to the left and the boats behind it are being worked upon. There are two arches built over the pier that contain pulleys, both with a vessel sitting underneath. The reverse side of the photo has been written with the words "Gulf Port?"
John Clegg and Mrs. Dorman Certified Auto Exchange
Photograph of John Clegg (left) and Mr. Dorman (right) sitting at a table. The suited men are looking toward the camera, and the bespectacled Mr. Dorman is holding a check. The reverse side of the photo notes that this took place at 710 - 16th Street in the 1940's.
John and Ted Clegg in Lincoln-Mercury Showroom, 1957
Photograph of John (left) and Ted (right) Clegg standing in a Lincoln-Mercury automobile showroom. The suited men are standing in front of a 1950's model Lincoln Premiere.
[Photograph of Turned Earth and Broken Wood Beside a House]
Photograph of turned earth and broken wood beside a house. Splintered boards and dirt are in the center of a lot surrounded by a house and shrubs to the left, a small shed by a fence in the middle, and a building behind a tree to the right.
[Photograph of Building During Construction]
Photograph of a building during its construction. Telephone poles, trees, and other buildings are visible through exposed planks and beams.
[Photograph of People Examining Wooden Frame]
Photograph of a group of people examining a wooden frame on the ground. Amid trees and between buildings, the two men and two women stand around and on top of the frame, with two dogs at the heels of the woman on the ground.
Texas City Disaster
Photograph of the twisted wreckage of a 1940s automobile sitting beside a building.
[Photograph of a Family on a Porch]
Photograph of a family together on a porch. In the back, a woman in white and a man in a collar shirt stand on either side of an open door. In front of them sit a younger male in a vest on the left, with an older couple sitting in front of the door. A man holding a book titled "Black Mountain Ranch" is leaning against a tree to the right.
April 1959, YMCA Burns to the Ground - Nothing Saved
Photograph of the remains of the YMCA on the Southeast corner of Austin Avenue in Port Arthur, Texas, 1959. Fire crews are spraying the wreckage with water. All that remains is a pile of twisted steel I-beams and stone.
April 1959, Fire Destroyed the Port Arthur YMCA Building
Photograph of the remains of the burned YMCA building in Port Arthur, Texas, 1959. All that's left are twisted steel I-beams, charred wood, and stone. Firemen can be seen working in the wreckage.
Women's Committee Plan YMCA Fund Campaign
Photograph of nine women and men gathered at the end of a covered table. Seated left to right: Mrs. G. S. Donegan; Mrs. W. F. Fredeman; Mrs. Baron; and Mrs. Mike Murphy. Standing: Mrs. H. P. Weber; Mrs. Maxwell Cook; Mrs. Wes Spiegel, Jr.; Euclid Hudson; and A. F. Myers. Typewritten under the photo is a description, noting the people, positions, and dates.