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[Photograph Featuring Janis Joplin at Tyrell Elementary School]
Photograph of the Tyrell Elementary School' 1952 Christmas Program. Children are arranged onstage in a raked pyramid in front of a curtain. Each child is wearing a white top and holding a microphone. The girl sitting to the far right of the bottom row is Janis Joplin. An adult woman is sitting before the stage in a wooden chair, and other people can be seen sitting behind her.
[Photograph of Aerial View of Rainbow Bridge, 1957]
Photograph with aerial view of the Rainbow Bridge spanning the Neches River near Port Arthur, Texas. Shadows of several clouds dot the landscape. A ship is passing underneath the bridge. Several canals branch off from the river on its way to Sabine Lake, which encompasses much of the background. The other side of the photo has a handwritten note saying that this was a gift of A. W. Catanach, 1992.
[Photograph of "Big Bopper" J. P. Richardson and Teetsie]
Photograph of J. P. and Adrianne Richardson sitting at a diner table and drinking.
[Photograph of Cookie and the Cupcakes Performing]
Photograph of Cookie and the Cupcakes performing under a string of balloons and in front of walls adorned with hand drawn artwork. There are four men in the foreground. The first and last are playing guitars and and two men in the middle are holding saxophones. In the background to the left is a man playing piano, while to the right is a man playing a drum set that has the band's name emblazoned on the bass drum.
[Photograph of Sunbonnet Sue Operetta]
Photograph of Sunbonnet Sue Operetta cast at Tyrell Elementary School. Rows of students are lined up and wearing mostly agricultural costumes. Janis Joplin is the fifth child from the right. Behind the children, there is a backdrop of a night scene set along the stage curtain. A mixed group of adults and children are seated before the stage.
[Pipe Sleve End of Precast Pile Extension]
Photograph of the pipe sleeve end of precast pile extension with measuring ruler.
[Plaque on Chamber of Commerce Building]
Photograph of a plaque on the Chamber of Commerce building in Port Arthur, Texas.
[Port Arthur Aerial Mosaic View]
Photograph of aerial view of Port Arthur, Texas. Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "Aerial Mosaic, City of Port Arthur Tx"
[Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce]
Photograph of a group of men, all members of the 1955 Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce, posing together. Those in the rear are, from left to right, W. F. Spiegel, Sr.; T. B. Ellison; Leo Bryant; and Emery Taylor. Those in the middle row are Jack Craig, Lyle Vickers, Bert Lloyd, Don Hendryx, J. W. Baker, Mayo Wells, and Henry LeBlanc. The men in the front row are Lyndon Ellerbee, Judge James Kirkland, Ho Mills, Lamar Lawson, J. W. Faulkner, and Al Jenkins.
Precast Extension Centered and Ready to Drive
Photograph of a precast extension centered over a pile. Several cars can be seen in the background.
[Precast Extension Hanging in Lead]
Photograph of a precast extension hanging in lead from an oil derrick with a man holding chain. Company pick-up truck reading "Spence & Howe Construction Co." on the side door in the foreground. Oil tanks are in the background.
Precast Extension Hanging in Lead
Photograph of a piece of machinery holding an extension piece with a chain. There are holding tanks in the background. To the left, a 1950's model pickup truck with the business name "Spence & Howe Construction Co." written on the side.
[Reception for Governor Shivers]
Photograph of a group of men at a reception for Governor Allan Shivers held by the Chamber of Commerce at the Goodhue Hotel in Port Arthur, Texas. They are identified as Brehner, Allan Shivers, Manglesdorf, and Louvier.
[Reception for Oil Officials]
Photograph of a large group of men in suits mingling at a reception for oil refinery company officials held at the Port Arthur Club in the Goodhue Hotel in Port Arthur, Texas. The reception was sponsored by Port Arthur's Chamber of Commerce.
[River in Port Arthur]
Photograph of a bridge over a river running through Port Arthur, Texas. There are buildings on the opposite shore.
[Sabine Pass Cameron Parish Lighthouse]
Photograph of Sabine Pass Cameron Parish Lighthouse taken from across the pass. Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "Chamber of Commerce, (Photo by Stan Fitzner), May, 1952" "Cameron Parish Lighthouse"
[Ship at Grain Elevator]
Photograph of a large boat at a grain elevator. The elevator is connected to a building that is on the left side of the photograph. There is another boat in the background and a water tower in the distance. A stamp on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as J. C. Watkins.
[Ship Passing Under Bridge]
Aerial photograph of a ship that has just passed under a large bridge, identified as Rainbow Bridge. The ship is in the right center of the photograph and extends from the bridge to the edge of the frame. The bridge is on the left side of the photograph and a truck and car are visible driving over it. A stamp on the back of the photograph identifies the photograph as J. C. Watkins, and handwriting dates it from September 22, 1954.
[Staff Posing in Front of Restaurant]
Photograph of a group of people identified as staff of The Schooner Restaurant standing outside. There are two women in white dresses and two men, and they are standing by the corner of the building. There are four visible cars parked in front of the restaurant. A sticker on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as James Everett from Groves, Texas., and dates the image 1955.
[States Marine Lines Ship]
Photograph of a States Marine Lines ship in the Gulf of Mexico in Port Arthur, Texas. A lighthouse is visible on the shore to the right.
Texaco Main Gate 1953
Photograph of the main gate of Texaco in 1953. The gate is attended by a single guard. To the left of the gate is a building bearing a large sign declaring that there has been 1,594,538 man hours since the last "lost time injury." There is also a sign requesting that no reading material be carried inside, and other sign on the gate that requests that no matches be carried inside. Two boxes written with the words "Red Head Matches" stand in front of the building.
[Thomas W. Hughen School for Crippled Children]
Photograph of the exterior of the Thomas W. Hughen School for Crippled Children building in Port Arthur, Texas. A dirt road runs up to the front door, and there are a few scraggly trees in front of the building.
[Three Men Holding Number "1"]
Photograph of three men, identified as C. M. Scott, Elmer Hielsen, and R. M. Lloyd, holding a cut-out of the number "1". They stand in front of shelves filled with boxes.
[View of Pleasure Pier]
Photograph of Port Arthur's Pleasure Pier, viewed from far away. A roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and a crowd of people are visible on the grounds, and Lake Sabine is in the background.
[View of Ship Passing Through Drawbridge]
Photograph of a town on the edge of a river with a ship passing through a bridge, identified as Pleasure Pier drawbridge. Cars are waiting for the ship to pass on either side of the bridge. There is what appears to be a factory in the distance with multiple smokestacks. A stamp on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as J. C. Watkins.
[View of the Plant]
Photograph of the Port Neches Works Plant, looking north. Multiple round structures and a series of buildings cover the grounds, and there is a road and railroad tracks to the west. The upper left hand corner reads "Port Neches Works, looking north 1952." Handwriting on the back and an accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) label the photograph "View of the Plant looking north."
[Woman Sitting on Small Car]
Photograph of a woman in a long dress with flowers in her hair sitting on a small car driven by a young boy in a cowboy hat, during a parade in Port Arthur, Texas. A man walks beside them, and a crowd of people stand in front of the building in the background.
[Woman With Texaco Products]
Photograph of a woman wearing a white shirt advertising Texaco products. She is standing behind a table that has multiple cans of different varieties of motor oil, capella oil, havoline, and other gasoline products.
[Women at Party]
Photograph of a large group of women in fancy dresses posing around a table at an employee party and dance for the Pleasure Pier Company in Port Arthur, Texas.
Wooden Pile Driven and Cut Off Square
Photograph of industrial equipment surrounding a wooden pile, which has been shaped and cut.