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O. Henry's Wedding
Original copy of statement by Lawrence K. Smoot, as recorded by Ralph Bickler, a court reporter, and furnished to [Trueman] O‘Quinn, relating the events surrounding the marriage of William Sydney Porter and Athol Estes at the Smoot home one July evening in 1887, with Lawrence as an “unofficial” witness when he was about 12 years of age. The date of the wedding was actually July 1, 1887 as a notice of the marriage appeared the next day in the Austin Daily Statesman.
O. Henry's Pen Name
Letter entitled, "O. Henry’s Pen Name," on the possible origin of his pseudonym.
School attended by O. Henry
Postcard with an illustration of a small, one-story building surrounded by a fence with a forest in the background; text beneath the image says, "Little School House Where O. Henry Went to School." Printed text on the back of the postcard reads: "This is the only school that O. Henry (Wm. Sydney Porter) ever attended. He was taught by his Aunt, Miss Lina Porter, and left this school when he was only fifteen."
Letter from Witter Bynner to Mary
Correspondence regarding a book order from Doubleday.
O. Henry Relics Guarded by State Land Office
Photo essay containing images of photos, maps, and documents describing the General Land Office Archives holdings related to O. Henry. Includes a photo of Land Commissioner Bascom Giles standing next to O.Henry's drafting table in the Land Office.
Excerpt pages from The Caliph of Baghdad
Excerpt pages from "The Caliph of Baghdad" relevant to J.W. Maxwell’s certifying claim with copy of receipt to PH Hatzfeld’s.
Order form for Rolling Stones, the last of twelve 12 volumes of O. Henry Complete Works
Advertisement order form for “Rolling Stones,” Doubleday, Page & Co. editions (leather and limited manuscript)
New Books Reviewed: O. Henry's Short Stories
Book review of "The Four Million." Also contains thoughts on "The Trimmed Lamp" and "Heart of the West."
Letter from Dudley Frasier to Charles Green
Letter regarding the wife of an associate of O. Henry living in Austin.
Letter from Dudley Frasier to Trueman O'Quinn
Letter regarding complimentary copy of "The Heart of O. Henry" to Trueman O'Quinn
[Original drawing from O. Henry's "Law and Order"]
Excerpt from O. Henry's "Law and Order" with original drawing by John Groth. Design and typography by William R. Holman. 1 of 200 printed on Hosho paper.
[Copies of unsigned publishing contracts]
Two unsigned copies of publishing contracts by two different publishing houses: H. H. McClure and Co., and Phillips Publishing Co.
Adventures in Neurasthenia
Short story written by O. Henry when he was in residence in Asheville, North Carolina and addresses themes of alcoholism and the author's relationship with his father.
An Afternoon Miracle
Short story set along the Texas/Mexico border.
At Arms with Morpheus
A short story about two young medical students.
The Atavism of John Tom Little Bear
Short story about the character Jeff Peters.
Athol Estes Porter Autograph book
Autograph album belonging to Athol Estes, includes 10-line two stanza poem. First letters of first five lines acrostically spell Athol (first letters of lines) and Estes (last letters of lines). Signed "W.S.P."
The Best-Seller
Short story set in Pittsburgh
A Blackjack Bargainer
Short story about a family feud.
Bulger's Friend
Short story about an old man who joins the Salvation Army.
Buried Treasure
Short story developed during O. Henry's time working as a draftsman at the Texas General Land Office.
The Caballero's Way
Short story about a young desperado from the Texas-Mexico border.
The Caballero's Way
Short story about a young desperado from the Texas-Mexico border.
Cabbages and Kings
This work is O. Henry's first published volume and is considered to be his only novel. The plot is composed of several short stories, which were inspired by the author's six-month stay in Honduras in the late 1890s.
The Cactus
Short story about a young bachelor.
A Call Loan
Short story set in Texas.
Calloway's Code
A newspaper staff tries to decipher a code sent by a reporter abroad.
A Christmas Pi-
A short story set at Christmastime.
Compliments of the Season
A short story set during Christmastime, centered around the misadventures of several characters.
Contract between H.H. McClure and Sydney Porter
Contract between H.H. McClure and Sydney Porter, signed by both parties, dated 21 October 1907.
The Country of Elusion
Short story about a magazine editor.
The Crucible
Three-stanza poem by O. Henry. "O. Henry's last poem...One of two poems found in a notebook after his death."
A Dinner at --------
Short story set in New York.
The Discounters of Money
A short story about a young millionaire in New York City.
The Door of Unrest
Short story about a newspaper editor.
A Double-Dyed Deceiver
Short story about a young man who flees to South America to avoid being sentenced for murder.
[Effie Roach Hofer Autograph Album]
Autograph album belonging to Effie Roach Hofer. It includes page a 10-line verse poem entitled "Poetry," with drawing of fiddle and pointing finger and hand, signed "W.S. Porter/Secretary Jolly Brothers."
The Emancipation of Billy
Short story set in the southern United States.
The Enchanted Kiss
Short story set in San Antonio
The Enchanted Profile
A short story about a wealthy woman and a young typist.
The Ethics of Pig
Short story about a man who practices "unillegal graft."
The Fifth Wheel
Short story set in New York
The Flag Paramount
A short story set in Central America and based on O. Henry's experiences in Honduras in the late 1890s.
A Fog in Santone
A short story set in San Antonio. "The only story by O. Henry not hitherto published--the last echo of his days of popularity."
The Four Million
This work is O. Henry's first collection of short stories, many of which are set in New York City. Stories in this volume include "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Cop and the Anthem."
The Fourth in Salvador
Short story about a man celebrating July Fourth in South America.
The Gentle Grafter
This work is a collection of short stories by O. Henry. The stories in this volume were inspired by tales of confidence men that O. Henry had heard while in Columbus, Ohio.
Georgia's Ruling
Short story about the General Land Office in Austin, Texas. Story was published while O. Henry was in prison in Columbus, Ohio.
A Ghost of Chance
Short story about a ghost.
The Gift of the Wise Men
A short story about the secret Christmas gifts that a young married couple with little money buy for each other.