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Bexar Scrip 2692
Copy of a land Grant file for land issued to the Houston & Texas Central Railway Company in the Bexar Land District. Includes a folder jacket with table of contents and notes about the land grant (filed July 12, 1928); field notes by M.J. Doyle, Deputy Surveyor, Bexar Land District for Section 21 Block 20 (January 13, 1873); the affidavit of ownership of S.N. Allen (July 12, 1928); and a note by Land Commissioner J.H. Walker indicating that the file has no relation to the O. Henry story of the same name (December 4, 1933). O. Henry’s story tells the tale of a Railroad baron taking a poor homesteader’s land by stealing this file. Walker notes that although the file was missing for a period, due to office procedures the land fraud could not have occurred.
Roster of Employees in the General Land Office
Ledger contains lists of General Land Office employees, their job titles, and monthly earnings. Excerpted here are 98 pages covering January 1887-January 1891, which are the dates O. Henry was employed at the land office. W.S. Porter, later known as the writer O. Henry, is listed as draftsman, compiling draftsman and assistant draftsman, earning $100 per month. Porter's name appears on roughly half of the pages.
[Effie Roach Hofer Autograph Album]
Autograph album belonging to Effie Roach Hofer. It includes page a 10-line verse poem entitled "Poetry," with drawing of fiddle and pointing finger and hand, signed "W.S. Porter/Secretary Jolly Brothers."
Athol Estes Porter Autograph book
Autograph album belonging to Athol Estes, includes 10-line two stanza poem. First letters of first five lines acrostically spell Athol (first letters of lines) and Estes (last letters of lines). Signed "W.S.P."
[Cancelled Checks to W. S. Porter]
Cancelled checks written by Maddox Bros. & Anderson all made out to W. S. Porter. Some are endorsed on the back by Porter.
[Letter from O. Henry to Belle Palm]
Letter detailing programme for a musical event to be held on October 1, 1886, in which Belle Palm is on the program and O. Henry is the Musical Director.
Receiver's Memorandum
These two pages are exerpts from a 141-page Receivers Memorandum dated 1887-1888. Pages appear to show payroll advances to O. Henry, here identified by his given name William S. Porter or W.S. Porter, for the months of June 1887 through December 1887. These pages are written in O. Henry's hand, and show his signature several times.
Map of Webb County
Cadastral map of Webb County, Texas in the South Texas Plains region. Some features are marked in color and some sketched illustrations around the title. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch). Authorship is attributed to W.S. Porter, later known as the short story writer O. Henry.
Map of Kent County
Cadastral map of Kent County, Texas in the Panhandle Plains region. Scale ca. 1:133,334 (4000 varas per inch). Shows boundaries and ownership of land, including that of several railroad companies. Compiled and drawn by William S. Porter, later known as the short story writer O. Henry. Map is notable for its landscape drawings near the top.
Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking
Short story about a "professional tramp" in New Orleans.
Georgia's Ruling
Short story about the General Land Office in Austin, Texas. Story was published while O. Henry was in prison in Columbus, Ohio.
Money Maze
A short story set in Central America. This story is said to have served as the literary foundation of "Cabbages and Kings."
A Blackjack Bargainer
Short story about a family feud.
Rouge et Noire
A short story about the banana trade in Central America based on O. Henry's experiences in Honduras in the late 1890s. This is perhaps the first instance of O. Henry's use of the term "banana republic."
Bulger's Friend
Short story about an old man who joins the Salvation Army.
The Flag Paramount
A short story set in Central America and based on O. Henry's experiences in Honduras in the late 1890s.
The Lotos and the Bottle
Short story about a consul for the United States.
The Passing of Black Eagle
A short story set in Texas.
[Handwritten letter from O. Henry to F.M. Maddox]
Handwritten letter from O. Henry asking F.M. Maddox to loan him $75 to relocate to New York City from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The Marionettes
Short story about a doctor who leads a double-life as a burglar.
[Handwritten letter from F.M. Maddox to O. Henry]
F. M. Maddox reply to O. Henry letter of March 18, 1902.
His Courier
A short story about a boy tasked with delivering a message.
Madame Bo-Peep, of the Ranches
Short story set in Texas.
An Afternoon Miracle
Short story set along the Texas/Mexico border.
The Struggle of the Outliers
A short story about two men fighting over the same woman.
The Cactus
Short story about a young bachelor.
The Renaissance at Charleroi
Short story about a clerk in New Orleans.
Round the Circle
Short story set in Texas.
Hearts and Hands
Short story about a marshal and a prisoner.
A Ghost of Chance
Short story about a ghost.
The Roads of Destiny
A short story about a traveling poet.
Hygeia at the Solito
Short story set in San Antonio, Texas.
The Phonograph and the Graft
Story in which two grifters decide to introduce the phonograph to South America.
One Dollar's Worth
Short story about a counterfeiting case.
A Retrieved Reform
A short story about Jimmy Valentine, a young safe-cracker.
The Guardian of the Scutcheon
Short story about a bank porter.
The Marquis and Miss Sally
Short story set in Texas.
October and June
A short story about the age difference between a captain and the woman he is courting.
The Atavism of John Tom Little Bear
Short story about the character Jeff Peters.
A Call Loan
Short story set in Texas.
The Fourth in Salvador
Short story about a man celebrating July Fourth in South America.
Jimmy Hayes and Muriel
Short story about a company of Texas Rangers.
A three-stanza poem by O. Henry and published under the pen name S. H. Peters.
The Whirligig of Life
Short story about a couple's divorce and remarriage.
Tobin's Palm
Short story about a boy who gets his palm read.
The Lonesome Road
A short story set in Texas.
At Arms with Morpheus
A short story about two young medical students.
The Lotus and the Cockleburrs
Short story set in the Spanish Main.
The Princess and the Puma
Short story set on a ranch in Texas.
The Pimienta Pancakes
A cow camp cook tells a story about a pancake recipe.