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Studio portrait of O. Henry
O. Henry sitting forward in chair.
[Lawrence K. Smoot]
Lawrence K. Smoot at his desk in the Texas Supreme Court, where for many years he was the editor (usually called ‘Reporter’) of the Supreme Court’s official publications of the Court’s opinions.
[Lawrence K. Smoot]
Back of photograph reads, "Lawrence K. Smoot Age 13 years Height 4 ft 4 in."
[Presbyterian Church]
The Presbyterian Church at Lavaca and Sixth Streets where William Sydney Porter and Athol Estes sang in the choir.
[Smoot House]
The Smoot home at 1316 West Sixth Street, where William Sydney Porter and Athol Estes were married by Dr. R. K. Smoot, pastor of the Southern Presbyterian Church where Will and Athol sang in the choir.