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Continuation of Abilene Heights: An Addition to the City of Abilene, Texas
Plat of a portion of the city of Abilene, Texas, along Cedar Crest Drive between North 19th and North 10th streets, bordered to the west by Cedar Creek. Blocks are subdivided to show individual properties with numbered labels and some notations regarding dimensions. Scale 1:3,600 (The scale is listed as 1:2,400 but with the following note: "Scale changed from 200' to 1 in to 300' to 1 in by County Clerk."
Map of Mrs. Aline I Swan's Subdivision of the North 2 Acres of Block Number 7, Boulevard Heights Addition to Abilene, Texas.
Map of Mrs. Aline I Swan's Subdivision in Taylor County, Texas bordered by the Boulevard, Fellsmere, and Mistletoe streets. The block is divided into numbered segments showing property divisions. Scale 1:1,200.