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Map of College Heights Addition to Abilene, Texas
Map of the College Heights Addition in the City of Abilene, Texas. The addition encompasses 31 lots which are bordered by Ambler Avenue, Hickory and Grape streets. The block is divided into numbered segments showing property divisions. Scale 1:2,400.
Comperes Subdivision, Lot #3, Block #178, Abilene, Texas
Map of Comperes Subdivision in Abilene, Texas bordered by Pine, and North Eighth streets and divided by Walnut street. Each of the lots is further subdivided into numbered segments showing property divisions. There is a legal notice on the left side of the map certifying its authenticity. Scale : 1:1,200.
Tye: on part of Texas and Pacific Railway Company survey 33, Block 27
Cadastral map of Tye, Texas showing the railway lines and property plots. Additionally, text at the bottom of the map certifies that the map is accurate including a notary's signature. Scale 1:2,400
Map of North Park Addition to Abilene, Texas [#3]
Plat of a portion of Abilene Texas, showing various numbered lots including blocks that are subdivided to show individual properties with notations about acreage. There is a small sketch in the lower left corner showing the relation of several properties in relation to a creek. Scale ca. 1:6667 (Scale in varas.)