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John H. Darnell's Subdivision of Lot Number 1, Block Number 6, Belleview Ridge Addition to the City of Abilene, Taylor County, Texas

Description: Plat of a portion of Abilene, Texas at the corner of Elm and South Thirteenth streets. The lot is divided into four major lots and one is further subdivided to show individual properties. The property numbers also have notes that seem to correspond with a comment at the top of the page regarding the direction of the map as it corresponds with the numbering initialed by O.K. Hobbs. A second note refers to "Lot No. 1" in the title that says, "See Exhibit A. B. Austin No. 91, W. A. Riney, County Surveyor, December 1903."
Date: unknown
Creator: Beard, T.
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library