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[Letter from E. H. R. Green to Postmaster General, June 30, 1897]
Letter from E. H. R. Green, Chairman Representative of the State Executive Committee, to the Postmaster General recommending John Patterson Osterhout for the position of postmaster in Belton, Texas.
[Letter from W. W. Culver, Jr. to John Patterson Osterhout, March 27, 1899]
Letter from W. W. Culver Jr. to John Patterson Osterhout regarding recent events. Culver told him that he had been very sick, but had recovered and that he was going to see an acquaintance of John's daughter. Included is an envelope addressed to "J. P. Osterhout Esq." and there is an image of a steel range and furnace.
[Letter from Wallie Caruth to George W. Wade, March 8, 1865]
Letter from Wallie Caruth to George W. Wade discussing military matters.
[Letter of Standing for John Bachman from Carrollton Baptist Church, April, 1857]
Letter of standing for John Bachman from Carrollton Baptist Church. The letter stated that John was a full membership of the church and was dismissed when he joined another church of the same faith.