The Prism began publication on September 30, 1915, as a weekly newspaper and continued until 1923, when it was replaced by the currently published campus newspaper, The Yellow Jacket. It followed an earlier publication, the Howard Payne Monthly (1902-1914), of which few copies are extant. The size for issues of The Prism is roughly 22 x 15 inches.


Student editors and staff were C. E. Lancaster, Ruth McCauley, Osie Maedgen, Harley Smith, Wilbur Duke, Walter Higginbotham, W. R. White, Elmer Watson, Willard Taylor, and Carrie Camp. The Prism consisted of a four-page layout. The name for the campus publication was suggested by Prof. O. E. Winebrenner, who said such a name could be a symbol of the concentration of all college activities just as light shining through a prism reflecting many colors. The stated purpose of the publication was to provide students with a medium for the expression and cultivation of literary talent.

As a historical record, nothing can quite compare with a campus newspaper for noting significant events in the life of the school, the community, and the world. This early newspaper is a priceless treasure of information about campus life and personalities, as well as a reflection of the way of life and values of past generations.

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