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[Aerial view of Bell County]
An aerial view of Bell County.
[Aerial view of Bell County]
Aerial view of Bell County near Killeen, Texas.
[Aerial view of Highway 190 in Killeen]
Aerial view of Highway 190 in Killeen, Texas.
[Aerial view of Killeen]
An aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
[Aerial view of Killeen]
An aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
[Aerial View of Killeen]
Aerial view of Killeen, Texas.
[Building a New Church]
Thirteen men working on the construction of a church building in Killeen, Texas. They are preparing to put the roof on the building.
Photograph of four children standing near a house. An automobile is parked behind them. The three boys all wear hats.
[Church with Stained-Glass Windows]
Brick church building in Killeen, Texas with large stained-glass windows.
[Cooks in a kitchen]
Photograph of cooks in uniforms working in a kitchen.
[Family by a Tree]
Photograph of a man, woman, and two children standing by a tree in a field.
Family in Killeen area
A family is depicted in front of a picket fence. A man holding an infant is kneeling in front, and four females and a toddler--possibly male--are behind him. From the clothing, the picture appears to be from the 1930's or 1940's.
[Farmer Holding a Baby]
Photograph of a farmer wearing overalls and a hat, standing in a flock of sheep while holding a young child. Chickens are in the background.
[Four Men with Dead Rattlesnakes]
Four men in hats and boots looking at two dead rattlesnakes.
[Group in Front of a House]
Group portrait on the front porch of a house. There are five men and seven women.
[Group in Front of a House]
Photograph of a man and two women standing by the front door of a wooden frame house.
[Group of Children]
Group of children seated on the steps of a building.
[Group of Five Upon a Rock]
Group of five men and women seated or leaning upon a large rock.
[Group of Students]
Photograph of students outside a school building. A boy in the front row holds a sign with the number 430.
[Group with Bicycles]
Group of nine men and women sitting in front of some bicycles.
[Harvesting Hay]
Farmers with tractors harvesting hay in a field.
[Horse Barn]
Photograph of a wooden fence, horses and a barn.
[House Being Moved]
Photograph of two men standing near a wooden house being moved on a large dolly.
[House with Large Porch]
Photograph of a large wooden house with a large porch, a chimney, and surrounded by a picket fence.
Interior of the Library
Interior of the library with many visitors.
[Ivy Conder in a Light-Colored Suit]
Photograph of Ivy Elmore Conder, Jr. in a light-colored suit and hat standing by a house.
[J. Marvin Gray]
Portrait of J. Marvin Gray, respected businessman and once mayor of Killeen, Texas. c. 1960s.
[Jack Arnold]
Photograph of Jack Ellison Arnold wearing a suit and tie.
[James Chambliss Gresham with a Cigar]
Photograph of a James Chambliss Gresham in a light-colored suit holding a cigar in his right hand. He has glasses and a football helmet lapel pin with a longhorn on it. Mr. Gresham's family owned one of the early newspapers of Temple.
[John and Jennie Blankenship]
Photographic portrait of a John Wesley Blankenship and his wife, Jennie Minerva Blankenship on their 50th wedding anniversary.
[John and Jennie Blankenship in Front of a House]
Photograph of John Wesley Blankenship and his wife Jennie Minerva Blankenship standing outside a wooden frame house in Watsonville, California.
[John and Jennie Blankenship on a Porch]
Photograph of Jennie Minerva Blankenship standing behind her husband, John Wesley Blankenship, who is seated on a porch of a house. John is wearing a cowboy hat and Jennie has on a heavy coat with a fur collar. There are flowers blooming in the yard in front of them.
[Killeen Livestock Show, 1974]
Barbara Fredrick and Doc Curb at the Killeen Livestock show, March 1974. A man awards a trophy to a young woman. Livestock resale prices are: Cattle, .4250/lb.; Swine, .30/lb; Lambs, .27/lb.
[Man and a Smiling Baby]
Photograph of a man in a vest and tie holding a smiling baby on his lap.
[Man and Woman Standing in a Field]
Photograph of a man and woman standing in a large field. The man is wearing a hat and the woman has on a dress.
[Man by a Silo and Barn]
Photograph of a man in a suit standing in front of a house, a barn, and a silo.
[Man by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing next to an automobile.
[Man in a Cowboy Hat]
photograph of an older man with a white mustache wearing a dark cowboy hat, a bow tie and a vest.
[Man in a suit]
An unidentified man in a suit.
[Man Seated on a Porch]
Photograph of an older man seated on the porch of a house with his hands folded in his lap. The porch rails and banisters can be seen behind him as well as a screen door. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest and pocket watch. He has glasses and a hat on his head.
[Man Standing by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing near an automobile, a wire fence, and a tree.
[Man, Woman, and Cow]
Man and woman standing outdoors. A building and a cow are behind them.
Mayflower Moving & Storage, Nolanville, Texas
View of exterior of Mayflower Moving & Storage on Hwy. 190, between Harker Heights and Nolanville. Cars can be seen in the parking lot, and the business's sign is visible to the left. Two open loading docks can be seen, one with a wooden container in it.
[Official Directing Runners]
Color photograph of a man two showing runners a map of the race route.
[Old Killeen High School Building, now City Hall]
Photograph of a three-story brick building. The old Killeen High School, now city hall in Killeen, Texas. The school had separate entrances for boys and girls.
[Participants Registering for a Running Race]
Color photograph of men and women registering for a running race in Killeen, TX.
[Photograph of a Boy]
Photograph of a boy.
[Photograph of a Man]
Photograph of a man in a suit and tie.
[Photograph of Storm Damage]
Photograph of storm damage with debris strewn everywhere. A side of building is missing, and pieces of roofing and personal effects are thrown across the ground. Men are surveying the damage.
[Portrait of a Man]
Photographic portrait of a man wearing glasses, a shirt, vest, and tie.