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1884 Courthouse
Photo collage with the 1884 Clay County Courthouse in the center surrounded by Henrietta officials and businessmen around 1890.
[Acoyli and Big Buffalo, Indian Warriors]
Indian Warriors: Acoyli and Big Buffalo. Photo circa 1890
[Andrew L. Bowers]
Andrew L. Bowers was born in 1852 in North Carolina. Upon moving to Texas, his first job was as a day laborer on an iron bridge at Columbus, TX. He was eighteen years of age. At nineteen he was promoted to foreman, with the Delaware Bridge Company. Afterward, he worked for the railroads, steadily climbing their ranks until he reached the position of Superintendent of Construction for the Northwest division, covering the area from Spring to Fort Worth. He eventually left the railroad, resigning to look after his investments. He became interested in the Salt Works of Palestine, helping to develop that important new enterprise and serving as its first president. He married Nellie O’Connell, on May 31, 1882 in Corsicana. They were the parents of five children: Irene, Mabel, Andrew Jr., Willie, and Bernard. In 1890, the need for a Building and Loan Association became acute in this section, and Mr. Bowers, along with several others, organized the Mechanics’ Building and Loan Association. This was one of the earliest organizations of the kind in the state of Texas. In 1906 he bought from Governor Thomas M. Campbell, a controlling interest in the Palestine National Bank and was made president. But he was not constituted for indoor work; the open spaces called him and he retired from banking after a signally successful connection of seven years. Mr. Bowers was a large property owner, his holdings comprising, notably, a large number of business houses in various Texas cities. He served three terms as Mayor of Palestine, being first elected in 1897 and serving until 1907 and then re-elected in 1909 and serving until 1915. He was once again elected in 1919 and served until 1923. Achievements of his regime included: paving of streets, erection of substantial brick school buildings, fire station ...
[Arko, Comanche Warrior]
Comanche Warrior: Arko. Photo circa 1890, Indian Territory.
Beach Mercantile
Photograph of store with seven people on porch. Photograph of the Beach Mercantile store in Van Horn, TX
Beach Mercantile Co., c. 1898
Photograph of store with seven people on porch. Photograph of Beach Mercantile Co, with seven unidentified people on porch, Van Horn, TX c. 1898
Beaver Creek School
Students at Beaver Creek School in 1895. First names of some students are handwritten on the photo.
[Beulah- Mrs. Dick Persifield's Buggy Horse]
Beulah- Mrs. Dick Percifields Buggy Horse. Photo circa 1890: Henrietta, Texas.
[Blacksmith Shop]
Four men and a horse standing in front of a blacksmith shop. Photo taken in 1890: Vashti, Texas.
Cache Issue Station
Native Americans lined up to get government rations at the Cache Issue Station in Oklahoma (Indian Territory).
[Cambridge Common School]
Students posing for group photo. Photo circa 1890: Cambridge, Texas.
[Cambridge Common School]
Students posing for picture. Photo ca. 1890: Cambridge, Texas.
Chief Geronimo in Summer Camp
Apache Chief Geronimo seated under a brush arbor at a summer camp in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
Clay County Commissioner's Court
Clay County Commissioner's court in 1897.
[Clay County Court House]
Clay County Court House. Photo taken in 1897: Henrietta, Texas.
[Clay County Jail]
Clay County Jail. Photo taken in 1890: Henrietta, Texas.
[Comanche Family Portrait]
Photograph of a Comanche family. There is a man sitting in a chair in the center of the photo, there are two other people standing behind him, and a child leaning on his lap.
[Company A, 2nd Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army]
This group does not contain the entire membership of the Company, which is much regretted, but only those whose pictures could be obtained thirty years after the war. The Company was raised by Captain Peter Hardeman about the middle of April, 1861, in the Counties of Houston, Anderson, Cherokee and Nacogdoches, calling for twenty-five men from each of the Counties, and marched immediately to San Antonio, where the regiment was organized and mustered into the State service on May 17th, 1861. In a few days after this, this Company, with a part of the regiment, started on the expedition to Arizona and New Mexico, and returned to San Antonio in the summer of 1862, when the regiment, being again brought together, was reorganized and served until the close of the war in Texas and Louisiana and was disbanded in June 1865. This company being among the first troops called for, was composed mainly of boys and young men, with a few middle-aged men, several of the boys being only fifteen years old. All were good, true, noble and loyal soldiers from the rise to the fall of the Confederacy - J. C. J. King - Captain, Co. A., 2nd Texas Cavalry, Confederate Veterans
[Cotton Gin Workers]
Cotton Gin workers posing for picture. Photo circa 1890. Henrietta, Texas.
Country Fun
Men and women playing games outdoors in Clay County, TX around 1890.
[Dave Utley Dray]
Man and woman in a wagon buggy pulled by horses. Photo circa 1890: Henrietta, Texas.
[Dave William Smith Family]
Dave William Smith family gathered in front of house. Picture circa 1898: Henrietta, Texas.
[David Craig Patton Residence]
D.C. Patton Residence. Photo taken in 1896: Henrietta, Texas.
[Deer Hunters]
Deer Hunters. Photo taken in 1890: Henrietta, Texas.
[Dice Sisters]
The Dice sisters: Mary May, Myrtle, and Anna. Photo taken in 1894: Byers, Texas.
Bryant and Kirk Edwards. Photo taken in 1899: Henrietta, Texas.
E.F. Weaver Grocery
Five unidentified men standing inside of E. F. Weaver's Grocery Store around 1890 in Henrietta, TX. Back of photo states, " The Weaver's came to Henrietta in 1880."
[The family of Helen Edmunds Moore around 1890]
A group of six women and four men are gathered in an outside location, four standing and the rest sitting, for this group photograph. All are dressed in formal clothes - the men are wearing suits, the women wear long dark dresses or long-sleeved white blouses and long skirts.
[The family of Helen Edmunds Moore around 1890]
Twelve family members are gathered for a photograph in front of a brick building with a porch. On the left, two men sit on a cane loveseat, while two women and one man stand behind them. On the right, an older man and woman sit on another loveseat. A younger man sits next to them in a cane chair and four younger individuals stand posed behind them. All are dressed in formal clothes - the women in long dark dresses or suits, the men in three piece suits.
[First grade class, Laredo, Texas, 1893]
Portrait of 53 first grade students, Laredo, Texas March 9, 1893. The teacher on the right was Julia Schultz.
[Frank Huffsmith]
Frank Huffsmith was born on January 7, 1853 and served as Mayor of Palestine from 1893 until 1897. He died on February 3, 1900 and is buried in the East Hill section of the Palestine City Cemetery.
[Furniture Store]
Furniture Store: D.C. Patton and Co.. Photo taken in 1897: Henrietta, Texas.
[Gates and Shaw Store]
Men and women posing next to Gates and Shaw Store. Photo circa 1895. Shannon, Texas.
[German Baptist Church]
Hurnville and Riverland congregation at German Baptist Church. Photo circa 1890: Hurnville, Texas.
[German Sod House]
German sod house. Photo taken in 1890: North Clay County, Texas.
[L.H. (Mug) Koethe with young girl]
L.H. (Mug) Koethe with a young girl wearing a white dress with a bow in her hair.
[H. Oheim and Co Grocery]
H. Oheim and Co Grocery. Photo circa 1890: Henrietta, Texas.
[Henrietta 1st and 2nd Grade Public School]
Henrietta 1st and 2nd grade public school. Photo taken during the 1895-96 school year: Henrietta, Texas.
[Henrietta Baptist]
Henrietta Baptist Church. Photo taken in 1897: Henrietta, Texas.
Henrietta City Council
First City Council in Henrietta, TX in 1890. Seated around the table are (L to R) L.H. (Mug) Koethe, C.W. Easley, John F. Cohn (Secretary), W.A Squires (Mayor), Norman (Pete) Snearly, and J.A. Worsham.
[Henrietta H.S. Class of 1899]
Henrietta High School class of 1899. Photo taken in 1899: Henrietta, Texas.
[Henrietta High Class]
Henrietta High Class. Photo taken 1891: Henrietta, Texas.
[Henrietta Methodist]
Henrietta Methodist Church. Photo taken in 1892: Henrietta, Texas.
Henrietta Parade
A parade in Henrietta around 1890. The St. Elmo Hotel is on the right.
Henrietta Parade
Parade in Henrietta, TX. Two women in a decorated carriage in front of the Clay County Court House.
Henrietta School Building
Old Henrietta school building which burned down in 1914. Now the L.J. Gentry house is in its place.
Henrietta Street Scene
Looking southeast from downtown Henrietta around 1890. The large building in the background is the public school.
Henrietta Street Scene
West Henrietta around 1890.
Henrietta Street Scene
Street scene in downtown Henrietta, TX with a couple autos in the street.
Indian Police of Anadarko
Portrait of three Indian policemen of Anadarko. They are holding guns and standing in front of a wooden building.