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Family in Killeen area
A family is depicted in front of a picket fence. A man holding an infant is kneeling in front, and four females and a toddler--possibly male--are behind him. From the clothing, the picture appears to be from the 1930's or 1940's.
[Couple posing nearing rocks]
An adult man and woman pose on a stretch of sand near a rocky outcrop, probably along the Lampasas River.
[School Portrait of a Young Man]
School portrait of a young man.
[Man by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing next to an automobile.
[Ivy Conder in a Light-Colored Suit]
Photograph of Ivy Elmore Conder, Jr. in a light-colored suit and hat standing by a house.
[Group in Front of a House]
Group portrait on the front porch of a house. There are five men and seven women.
[Woman in a Hat]
Photograph of a woman wearing a hat and standing near a tree.
Ophelia Vahrenkamp
School photo of Ophelia Vahrenkamp.
Marylene Adams
School photo of Marylene Adams with the word "pal" written to the right.
Bernice Bay
School photo of Bernice Bay with the word "princess" written on the right.
Maple School
A class photo from the Maple School, students with three teachers.
[Group of Students]
Photograph of students outside a school building. A boy in the front row holds a sign with the number 430.
[Cooks in a kitchen]
Photograph of cooks in uniforms working in a kitchen.
[Family by a Tree]
Photograph of a man, woman, and two children standing by a tree in a field.
[Six Girls]
Photograph of six girls in a field all wearing scarves on their heads. The three in front are sitting or kneeling on the ground and three others are standing behind them
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
Jean Bowen, Secretary
Photograph of Jean Bowen, Secretary.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man.
[Smiling Woman]
Photograph of a smiling woman.
[Photograph of a Boy]
Photograph of a boy.
[Interior of Bay's Store on Gray Street]
Photograph of the interior of Bay's Store on Gray Street. Text below the photo reads, "1930's Bay's Store Gray Street Left to right: Cecil Carter Sr.; Artie Carter; Arthur Bay; Laura Bay; Carl Marshall. Shelves are stocked with groceries and clerks stand behind the counter.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Woman Standing by a House]
Photograph of a woman standing by the steps to a porch on a house. The porch has columns and a chair on it.
[Young Woman Looking Over Her Shoulder]
Photograph of a young woman looking over her shoulder.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Bass Grocery]
Photograph of the Bass Grocery store in downtown Killeen. Text next to photo reads, "A Quiet Day - in the early 1930s, traffic is light in this photo looking south on 6th Street (Gray) from the Avenue C intersection. A Killeen native remembering the depression days says,'The town was just about that dead, too!' "
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man wearing a tie.
[Jack Arnold]
Photograph of Jack Ellison Arnold wearing a suit and tie.
[House with Large Porch]
Photograph of a large wooden house with a large porch, a chimney, and surrounded by a picket fence.
[Photograph of a Man]
Photograph of a man in a suit and tie.
[Two Boys Standing by an Automobile]
Photograph of two young boys standing near an automobile.
[Harvesting Hay]
Farmers with tractors harvesting hay in a field.
[Group of Five Upon a Rock]
Group of five men and women seated or leaning upon a large rock.
[Three Men Dressing a Hog]
A hog hangs from a tree while three men prepare to dress it before butchering it.
[Farmer Holding a Baby]
Photograph of a farmer wearing overalls and a hat, standing in a flock of sheep while holding a young child. Chickens are in the background.
[Three Women in Gowns]
Three young women dressed in formal gowns. The woman on the left holds a trophy.
[Two Young Men Standing in the Road]
Two young men standing in a road with buildings and trees behind them.
[Group with Bicycles]
Group of nine men and women sitting in front of some bicycles.
[Four Men with Dead Rattlesnakes]
Four men in hats and boots looking at two dead rattlesnakes.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman in an outdoor setting.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman.
[Man and a Smiling Baby]
Photograph of a man in a vest and tie holding a smiling baby on his lap.
[Woman in Her Front Yard]
A woman standing by some plants in her front yard with the porch behind her.
[Three Sheep in a Pen]
Photograph of three sheep in a pen surrounded by a wooden fence.
[Group of Children]
Group of children seated on the steps of a building.
[Smiling Woman]
Photographic portrait of a smiling woman.
[Horse Barn]
Photograph of a wooden fence, horses and a barn.