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[Original Platmap of the City of Palestine, TX]

Description: In 1846 the Texas Legislature created Palestine to serve as seat for the newly established Anderson County. James R. Fulton, Johnston Shelton and William Bigelow were hired by the first Anderson County commissioners to survey the surrounding land and lay out a town site, consisting of a central courthouse square and the surrounding 24 blocks.
Date: 1846
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Freedmens First Vote

Description: Photograph of the first Anderson County Courthouse on the day of the Freedmen's First Vote. The voters' horses are tied to the railing and the Union guards watching over them to prevent opposition from taking or harming them.
Date: 1866~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Gideon Gooch]

Description: Gideon Johnson Gooch was born on April 3, 1844 and served as Mayor of Palestine from 1872 until 1873. He died on January 31, 1906 and is buried in the East Hill Section of the Palestine City Cemetery.
Date: 1872
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Confederate States Loan]

Description: A bond dated July 1872, guaranteeing "the sum of Fifty Dollars with Interest to be paid the the bearer of this bond, at the seat of government or such place of deposit as may be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury". It has John H. Reagan, Postmaster General of the Confederacy's photograph on it.
Date: July 1872
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[301 S. Magnolia - Bowers Mansion]

Description: Photograph of the north and east sides of the "Bowers Mansion" located at 301 S. Magnolia in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story house that has Victorian Italiante-style architectural elements (including a small cupola with bracketed eaves and narrow, paired windows), and a two-tiered porch with Queen Anne-style turned- and jigsawn- wood trim. This photo was taken from the corner of south Magnolia and west Bowers streets.
Date: [1878..1955]
Location Info:
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[William Young Lacy]

Description: William Young Lacy, son of Martin and Dorothy (Dolly) Young Lacy, wa born on March 20, 1814 in Caldwell County, Ky. (His headstone reads that he was born in 1912) He attended college in Kentucky, but when his parents and other family members prepared to move to Texas, he was called home to accompany them. William lived in San Augustine, then moved with his family to Bean’s Saline in what is now southwest Smith County. He served in the Army of the Republic in East Texas and then became a surveyor, serving as deputy surveyor of East Texas by appointment from President Houston. After the war for Texas Independence was over, he was in the frontier service, engaged in warding off Indian attacks in the area. He took part in the one noted Indian battle of the area, the Kickapoo fight which occurred in northeast Anderson County. William’s father was a friend of Peter Elias Bean of Nacogdoches. William met and married Louisa, the daughter of Peter Bean in 1841. She died shortly after the marriage and in 1845 William married Ann Eliza Lindsay. Ann Eliza was a native of Guilford County, N.C.. She had been brought to Texas by her maternal grandmother, Priscilla Saunders Beeson, after the death of her parents. The Beeson’s were a prominent Quaker family from Guilford and Randolph Counties, N.C. The Lacy families remained at Fort Lacy until about 1860 when they moved to Palestine, where William Young was involved with farming and merchandising. He served as Mayor of Palestine from 1878 until 1880 and again from 1883 until 1885. Some say that he actually served three terms in office, but I was unable to verify this. William and Ann Eliza were the parents of nine sons, but only three lived to adulthood. One of ...
Date: 1878
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Plano de los Dos Laredos

Description: Plat of the 'two Laredos' (Laredo, Texas and New Laredo, Mexico) from January 1881. The map appears to be a cadastral map with numbered (and lettered) lots in both cities, likely showing ownership. Some streets are labeled as well as Fort McIntosh (noted as a "U.S. Military Reservation") in Laredo and the Campo de Marte in Nuevo Laredo.
Date: January 1881
Creator: Laroche, E. R.
Partner: Laredo Public Library

[Third Anderson County Courthouse]

Description: Copy print of the third Anderson County Courthouse in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story brick building with stone accents and a taller tower on one corner. A gazebo is visible on the grounds, to the right, and several unidentified people are standing near one corner of the building. The words "Court House, Palestine, Texas" are written across the top of the image.
Date: [1885..1916]
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Colonel George R. Howard]

Description: Colonel George Robert Howard was born on June 6, 1818. He married Cornelia Cox and they came to Palestine from Tennessee in 1849. Given the title of Colonel when he organized a company of men during the Civil War, he later served in the Texas Legislature, held several county offices and was Mayor of Palestine from 1886-1887. Colonel Howard was an active merchant in Palestine and in 1855 his store was located on the east side of the courthouse square. Their home, now referred to as “The Howard House” by local residents, is located at 1101 N. Perry Street. It was built in 1851 on land deeded to Colonel Howard from Judge Reuben Reeves on August 17, 1850. He died on December 28, 1900 and is buried in the Old section of the Palestine City Cemetery.
Date: 1886
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Jane Pells]

Description: Photograph of Jane Pells. This photo was included in the Pells-Trotter collection of photos and memorabilia which was donated to the Palestine Public Library.
Date: 1887
Creator: Bailey Photography
Partner: Palestine Public Library