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[A man with a trowel laying a cornerstone at St. David's Hospital]

Description: A man using a trowel to lay the cornerstone at St. David's Community Hospital. There are other men in suits standing around the stone. The stone states: "St. David's Community Hospital, Erected 1954, Board of Trustees, 1951-1954, Hulon W. Black, Pres., Joseph Cocke, Vice Pres., Ronald W. Byram, Sec., Ben H. Parrish, Treas., R.C. (Bob) Armstrong, John A. Barclay, Fred W. Catterall Jr., Edward Clark, Ed P. Cravens, John E. Harrison, E. W. Jackson, Gatewood Newberry, A. Bryan Spires, Max Starcke, Charles A. Sumners, Claude W. Voyles, Robert B. Lloyd, Administrator, 'And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick' Luke 9:2"
Date: December 19, 1954
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library

Sharyland Co. excursion party near Sharyland

Description: Panoramic photograph of a group of people posing out-of-doors. Part of a white house and a fence covered with climbing vines is visible in the background. Text at the bottom of the image says: "Shary Land Co's Excursion Party Near Sharyland, May 19th, 1917."
Date: May 19, 1917
Creator: Eskildsen
Partner: The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A view of one of the slips at the Texas City port. To the left a large cargo ship is anchored, with another ship directly behind it. On the right of the photograph, in the lower right corner, is the tugboat named J. W. Terry of Galveston. Behind it can be seen a dock and dock warehouse, with several dock workers visible. Behind it, at the end of the dock is a barge and another ship. In the lower right hand corner, embossed lettering reads "Naschke Galveston." Underneath the photograph, written in longhand, is "Texas City - Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm".
Date: August 19, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[At the port in Texas City on August 19, 1915]

Description: A tugboat, the J.W. Terry of Galveston, can be seen in the lower right of the photograph near the dock warehouses. Products can be seen on the dock, and at least four dockworkers are visible in front of the warehouses. Farther down this wharf are two other ships. On the left side of the picture, a large cago ship is docked. Down the dock on this side, at least two other ships can be seen. On the bottom of the picture in cursive writing is written: "Texas City Aug 19th 1915 - Two days after the storm." In the right hand corner of the picture, "Naschke Galveston" is embossed.
Date: August 19, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library