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[Market House, San Antonio]

Description: Postcard of the Market House in San Antonio, Texas showing a large building with ornate architecture and a manicured park area with a fountain. There are various people and horse-drawn wagons on the streets and buildings visible in the background. A handwritten note at the top says, "Henry do you remember this place?" A letter on the back is addressed to Henry Kahn from Mary thanking him for a letter and asking about whether or not he plans to go to the Fair.
Date: October 26, 1909
Partner: Laredo Public Library

[The Boyd family in 1908]

Description: "In the Fall of 1908, the Boyd family posed along with their wagon, drawn by five horses, on the family's farm. The Boyd home, in the background (at right) is still standing on what is known as "the old Drake place."
Date: 1908
Partner: Killeen City Library System

[John Randolph Hearne]

Description: John Randolph Hearne, son of Texas pioneers Columbus Calamicus Hearne and wife Mary Ellen Gilmer, was born July 15, 1854 in Wheelock, Robinson County, TX. Educated in the schools of his native county, he later attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA. He returned to Texas in 1871, soon thereafter moving to Palestine, first engaging in the drug business which he followed for many years. Later he sold this business and moved to Dallas, becoming a very successful businessman. The first electric lights in Dallas were installed in his business downtown. Mr. Hearne later sold this business and moved back to Palestine where he was engaged in the hardware business, and at the time of his death was head of the Palestine Hardware Co. Mr. Hearne invested quite extensively in real estate in Palestine. A prominent businessman, he was instrumental in helping to organize the Palestine National Bank, which later merged with one of the existing banks and he was elected Vice-President of this bank. He was President of the Palestine Board of Trade, and also President of the Royall National Bank. He was Mayor of Palestine from 1907 to 1909 and during his administration Oak Street and Avenue A were the first streets to be paved. Mr. Hearne was described as a man of unselfish interest in public affairs. John Randolph Hearne was married to Miss Emma Sophronia Howard, daughter of Col. And Mrs. George Robert Howard, and to this union three children were born. He died at his home at 503 Hodges Street on February 10, 1930 and is buried in the East Hill section of the Palestine City Cemetery.
Date: 1907
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[An ice cream social at the First Methodist Church in Texas City around 1909]

Description: Three young ladies, dressed in white shirtfronts, lockets and long white skirts are sitting on chairs in a room eating ice cream. A young man, dressed in a dark suit jacket and plaid pants, eats ice cream from a large ladle. The ice cream tin and an extra plate sit on a wooden chair in front of the young ladies. The room holds other wooden chairs and a podium, behind the people. A map of the United States and a framed certificate are on the back wall. The room appears to be either a church or a court room. On the reverse of the photograph is written "Rev. Germany eating cream. Misses Whitney, Christine Davison and some other young lady. Note: Rev. Germany pastor of 1st Methodist Episcopal Church 1906 - 1909."
Date: [1906..1909]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

Cotton year in Killeen, Texas

Description: Photograph, taken 1905 or 1906, depicts cotton loaded on a railroad car. A group of men stand atop the bales and alongside on a platform; men sit in two horse-drawn drays next to the pile of bales. The caption for the photograph reads: Loading bales of cotton on flat cars at Santa Fe Station in a bumper cotton year. Two-wheeled drays (left) hauled bales from cotton yard located in the 400 block of Avenue D.
Date: 1905~/1906~
Partner: Killeen City Library System

[Four Boys]

Description: Photograph of four boys, three wear hats and they all have ties. The two in front are seated in wicker furniture and wear knickers. Text on the photo reads,"Seated-Graydon Cole and Claude Gilmer Standing L-R: "Chic" Pennington and Todd Patton 1905-1910".
Date: 1905~
Partner: Killeen City Library System

Diffey's Hotel Dining Room

Description: Two women employees wait on three unidentified customers in the dining room at Duffy's Hotel. The sign behind the cash register says, " ROOMS 50 cents, PURE APPLE CIDER, OYSTERS". Cigars are for sale as well.
Date: 1904~
Partner: Clay County Historical Society