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Dora Hancock's 100th Birthday
Photograph of birthday party. Photograph of Dora Hancock's 100th birthday party, May 25, 1979, in Van Horn, TX. Pictured: Alice Deane Mclure Hargrave, Charles McLure, Dessie McLure, Juanita Bradley, Edna Verne Weston, Libby Maxwell, Mary Harington, Rosa Lee Wylie and Dora Hancock
Charlotte Mullens
Photograph of woman. Photograph of woman, Charlotte Mullens, of Van Horn, TX and member of the Order of the Eastern Star
Moon Mullens
Photograph of a man in a blue shirt. Photograph of Moon Mullens, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Walker E. Floyd
Photograph of a man in a straw hat. Photograph of Walker E. Floyd, a Mason in Van Horn. He was born 11-04-1930. He was a welder, and loved to fiddle. He also made fiddles, violins, and mandolins as a hobby.
Cathy Cottrell
Photograph of young woman. Photograph of Cathy Cottrell, a young woman of Van Horn, TX, 1977.
[R. L. Parker]
R. L. Parker served as Mayor of Palestine from 1977 until 1979.
Richard Upchurch
photograph of a man with dark glasses and a straw hat, photograph of Richard Upchurch, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
Benson Durham
Photograph of a man with a red tie, Photograph of Benson Durham, a Mason in Van Horn, TX
[Clay County 1875 Jail Calaboose]
Clay County 1875 Jail Calaboose. Photo taken in 1975: Henrietta, Texas.
[Harry Brown]
Harry Brown served as Mayor of Palestine from 1975 until 1977.
Killeen Community Center, interior view
Interior view of the Killeen Community Center built in the 1960's. The building is located at the intersection of W. S. Young Blvd. and Veterans' Memorial Blvd. (Business Hwy. 190), near Nolan Creek.
Killeen Municipal Airport
Photograph of Killeen Municipal Airport terminal building, ca. 1975.
School projects on display at Killeen Community Center
Students display their artistic creations at the Killeen Community Center.
[Waggoner's Boot-Barber Shop]
Waggoner's Boot-Barber Shop. Photo circa 1960: Henrietta, Texas.
[Killeen Livestock Show, 1974]
Barbara Fredrick and Doc Curb at the Killeen Livestock show, March 1974. A man awards a trophy to a young woman. Livestock resale prices are: Cattle, .4250/lb.; Swine, .30/lb; Lambs, .27/lb.
Dolph Briscoe political rally
Photograph of Texas governor Dolph Briscoe, Jr., giving a speech at a banquet held in the Killeen Community Center in 1974. A banner behind the podium reads "Opportunities Galore in '74."
Gene Waters
Photograph of a man with a crooked smile. Photograph of Gene Waters, a Mason in Van Horn, TX.
[Killeen Live Stock Show, Blue Ribbon Winner]
The Killeen Livestock Show in 1974, features a blue ribbon winner.
[Municipal Building]
Municipal Building. Photo taken in 1974: Henrietta, Texas.
Killeen, Texas, aerial view
Aerial view of the city of Killeen, Texas, taken in May 1973. Dirt work for a major new road is clearly visible on the right side of the photo.
Don Heath
Photograph of a man with glasses. Photograph of Don Heath. a Mason in Van Horn TX.
Juanita Bradley
Photograph of woman. Photograph of Juanita Bradley, a woman in Van Horn, TX.
[Tuggle Mfg]
Tarp cover and life vest preservers. Photo taken in 1973: Henrietta, Texas.
Towne Services moving company in Killeen
Photograph of the south and east sides of the Towne Services building located on the north side of Business Hwy. 190, about 150' west of 38th St in Killeen, Texas. There are several large moving trucks parked outside of the building.
1920 Olds Touring Sedan
Rex M. Gates standing beside a 1920 Oldsmobile touring car
Andy Brune
Photograph of young man. Photograph of Andy Brune, in Van Horn, Texas, 1971
Charlie and Dessie McLure and Van Foster by petroglyphs
Photograph of three people by petroglyphs. Photograph of Charlie and Dessie McLure and Van Foster by Lobo petroglyph, near Van Horn,TX 1971
Construction of New Highway 190
Color photograph of roads and a bridge under construction for Highway 190 near Killeen, Texas.
Construction of New Highway 190 at FM 440
Aerial view of Highway 190 and FM 440 under construction near Killeen, Texas. Homes and businesses are near the intersection.
[Jack Rogers]
Jack Rogers served as Mayor of Palestine from 1971 until 1975 and then again from 1979 until 1981.
Killeen High School automotive class
Male students watch as a teacher instructs them in automotive body work on a station wagon. Part of a Volkswagen Beetle is visible on the left side of the photo.
The Northside Cinema in Killeen
The Northside Cinema in Killeen. The movies displayed on the sign are Gregory Peck in "Shoot Out", and Barbara Streisand in "The Owl and the Pussycat." The theater, located at the southwest corner of 38th St. and Rancier, closed in late 1999 and burned down a few years later.
Robert A. Bigler
Photograph of man in hat. Robert A. Bigler, a Mason in Van Horn Texas
[Art Show]
Art Show: Billie Avis, H.C. Zackry. The art show was organized by the Clay County Art Association and was held in the community room of the bank. Photo circa 1970: Henrietta, Texas.
Broadway Street, Van Horn, 1970
Photograph of street scene. Photograph of Broadway Street, Van Horn,TX 1970.
Century Plaza apartment complex in Killeen
Exterior view of the front of the Century Plaza apartments on Hallmark Ave.
[The Children's Shop]
Children's Shop: Pat Roger's Shop. Photo circa 1970: Henrietta, Texas.
Dan Harlow
Photograph of young boy. A school photograph of Dan Harlow, a boy in Van Horn, TX in 1970
[DPS, R.C. (Rip) Smith]
DPS, R.C. (Rip) Smith. Picture circa 1970: Henrietta, Texas.
Henry Whittington
Photograph of Henry Whittington, a Mason, in Van Horn, Texas. In the portrait, Whittington is wearing a dark suit and glasses.
Kay Means
Photograph of a young woman. Photograph of Kay Means of Van Horn, TX, 1970
Killeen Municipal Airport
Photograph of the Killeen Municipal Airport building during construction. The airport was located between FM 2410 and Business Hwy. 190 on the east side of Killeen until the new airport opened in August 2004.
Killeen Public Library
Photograph of Killeen Public Library at 711 N. Gray St., c. 1970. The white building was constructed on double-T buttresses, and extra buttresses were used to make the exterior walls.
Memorial Stadium
Color view of one side of Memorial Stadium shot from the stands looking north. the pressbox is being demolished with the major addition of seating on west side. Building in center is UT law school, bldg on right is St. David's hospital. On the far right you can see construction of the LBJ Library.
Nadine Rowe Bristow Cowan
Photograph of a woman. Photograph of a woman, Nadine Rowe Bristow Cowan, of Van Horn, TX, member of the Order of the Eastern Star
Old Beto Science Building
Photo of the original Beto Science Building. Austin, Texas.
[Portrait of Bea Eaton]
Portrait of 9-man Board Secretary, Bea Eaton, visible from the chest up.
Vera Eglin
Photograph of a woman. Photograph of a a woman, Vera Eglin, of Van Horn, TX and member of the Order of the Eastern Star