Rescuing Texas History, 2006 - Browse

[Alice Snearly in dark dress]
Alice Snealy in a dark dress with a feathered hat.
[Cattle in a field with men on horseback]
Cattle in a field with men on horseback. A horse-drawn surry is pictured in the upper right.
[Little girl and a baby]
A little girl and a baby in white outfits. The sleeve and skirt of a woman can be seen to the right, supporting the baby behind a drape.
[Two children posed in bare feet]
Two children posed in matching outfits, both are bare-footed. They are wearing hats and sitting on a chair.
[Gertrude Snearly Kelley holding a baby]
Gertrude Snearly Kelly holding a baby. A drape covers her gown.
[Young woman posing in front of a canvas]
An unidentified young woman posed in front of a canvas. She's wearing a dark gown with a sash draped over her shoulder. Rustic furniture made of small logs and grapevines is used as props.
[Gertrude Snearly Kelley holding a baby]
Gertrude Snealy Kelley holding a baby in a white gown.
[Boy baby in a white gown]
A boy baby in a white gown.
[Girl wearing a sun bonnet]
A young girl in a sun bonnet and what appears to be a gingham work dress.
[Girl in a light colored dress]
Girl in a light colored dress.
[Sheep in a field]
Sheep in a field.
[Snow covered field]
A snow covered field.
[Alice Snearly, unknown woman, and Gertrude Snearly Kelley]
Alice Snearly, unknown girl, and Gertrude Snearly Kelley.
[Woman and baby]
A woman draped in a dark blanket holds a baby in her lap.
[Woman and baby]
A baby and woman posed in front of a canvas backdrop.
[Two young women]
Two young women posed in front of a canvas backdrop.
[Outdoor photo of a hillside]
Outdoor photo of a hillside with an exposed rock face. It appears that some clothing is laying on top of the hill.
[Mother with two children]
A mother holds a baby and a little boy next to her holds a toy in his hand, a horse-drawn ice wagon.
[An unknown woman and Gertrude Snearly Kelley]
A woman on the left wears a dark gown and appears to be arranging flowers. Gertrude Snearly Kelley is seated with a book and is wearing a loose fitting flowered gown. Perhaps she is pregnant.
[Two young women]
Two young women. Both are wearing hats and leather gloves, and the woman on the right has a fur trimmed jacket.
[Young man]
An unidentified young man.
[In-camera composite of several photographs, Alice Snearly]
In-camera composite of several oval-shaped photographs. The bottom two photos are of Alice Snearly, and the top photos may be her sister, Gertrude Kelley. The gown on the woman in the top row is the same one Gertrude Kelley is wearing for her photo in the 1999 book, Comanches in the New West, 1895-1908.
[Three young women adorned with flowers]
Three young women adorned with flowers. They have matching lace fabric draped around their torsos, and matching black chokers.
[Two women]
Two women posed in elaborate gowns.
[Group of people in a field]
Group of people in a field with horses and buggies. A lady in front is on a bicycle.
[Man in three piece suit]
Unidentified man in a three piece suit
[Unidentified Woman]
Unidentified woman
[Unidentified house]
An unidentified home in Henrietta.
[Seated man holding a cane or umbrella]
Seated man holding a cane or umbrella. He is wearing a dark three piece suit with a boutonniere.
[A young woman holding a small guitar]
A young woman in a white gown holding a guitar. A large hair ornament extends over her head, and she is wearing fancy white shoes with an ornate buckle.
[Woman and a little girl in white dresses]
Unidentified woman and little girl in ornate white dresses.
[Group posed in front of a home with dogs]
Group of people posed in front of a home with dogs. Three men stand on the left, a woman stands beside the fence gate, and a little girl in a white dress stands on a fence post. Two men are standing on the right.
[Man and woman]
Man and woman posed together.
[Young girl]
Unidentified young girl with jeweled clips adorning her hair.
[Girl sitting in a chair holding the "Youth's Companion" magazine]
A girl sitting in a chair. She is holding a copy of the "Youth's Companion "magazine.
[Older woman in a dark gown]
An unidentified older woman in a dark gown.
[Mother and baby]
A mother and a baby. The woman is holding the baby on top of a shawl which is draped over her front. The baby is wearing a long white gown.
[Damaged photo of a woman in a plaid dress]
An unidentified woman in a plaid dress. This photo is heavily damaged.
[Large group of people outside in the woods]
Large group of people outside in the woods.
[Family group]
Appears to be a family group with a Father, Mother, two daughters and a son.
[A woman in a lacy white dress]
An unidentified woman in a lacy white dress. A dark bow is pinned to her left shoulder. A hair ornament stands out above her head.
[Group of people in a field with farming equipment]
Group of people in a field with farming equipment. Black smoke pours out of one of the farming machines.
[Unidentified Man]
Unidentified man.
[Unidentified Man]
Unidentified man in three piece suit.
[Group of people in a field with farming equipment]
Group of people in a field with farm equipment.
[Little girl standing by a bird cage]
An unidentified little girl standing next to a table with a birdcage on it.
[In-camera composite of several photographs]
In-camera composite of several photographs of people all on one dry plate glass negative. On the left are several photos of a man and a baby, and on the right are more pictures of the baby, and photos of two young men.
[Group of men in a field]
Group of men in a field, this photo is heavily damaged.
[Woman and man]
An unidentified woman and man.
[Young woman]
Young woman in a striped dress with velvet collar and ribbons.