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Leo Buckley Stadium, Killeen High School
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Lily Mae and Marie Harbour
Lily Mae and Marie Harbour (sisters) who worked at Independent Telephone in 1908.
[Lone Star Gas Company in Killeen]
The Lone Star Gas Company building in Killeen.
Main Gate, Fort Hood
The main gate at Fort Hood. "Visitors and unregistered vehicles park in parking lot to obtain pass and/or decals."
[Man and a Smiling Baby]
Photograph of a man in a vest and tie holding a smiling baby on his lap.
[Man and Woman Standing in a Field]
Photograph of a man and woman standing in a large field. The man is wearing a hat and the woman has on a dress.
[Man by a Silo and Barn]
Photograph of a man in a suit standing in front of a house, a barn, and a silo.
[Man by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing next to an automobile.
[Man in a Cowboy Hat]
photograph of an older man with a white mustache wearing a dark cowboy hat, a bow tie and a vest.
[Man in a suit]
An unidentified man in a suit.
[Man Seated on a Porch]
Photograph of an older man seated on the porch of a house with his hands folded in his lap. The porch rails and banisters can be seen behind him as well as a screen door. He is wearing a dark suit with a vest and pocket watch. He has glasses and a hat on his head.
[Man Standing by an Automobile]
Photograph of a man wearing a hat standing near an automobile, a wire fence, and a tree.
[Man, Woman, and Cow]
Man and woman standing outdoors. A building and a cow are behind them.
[Many wagons on a market day in Killeen]
Killeen on a market day, c. 1890s. Dozens of men and their wagons face towards the photographer. The perspective is looking west along the railroad tracks, with the stockyards at the center. Featured businesses are Campbell & Sons Lumber, Hardware, Buggies, Wagons; Studebaker; Campbell - Root Lumber sheds, and Wendland's Produce.
Maple School
A class photo from the Maple School, students with three teachers.
[Margie and Bill Elmore]
Margie Pearl Elmore and her brother Bill Elmore.
Marylene Adams
School photo of Marylene Adams with the word "pal" written to the right.
Mayflower Moving & Storage, Nolanville, Texas
View of exterior of Mayflower Moving & Storage on Hwy. 190, between Harker Heights and Nolanville. Cars can be seen in the parking lot, and the business's sign is visible to the left. Two open loading docks can be seen, one with a wooden container in it.
Miss Eugenia Fitzpatrick as a Child
Photograph of two young children standing by a chair. Text on photo reads, "Miss Eugenia Fitzpatrick as a child (left)".
[Miss Genie, in a pioneer costume]
Miss Genie in a pioneer costume.
[The Nolan Creek Dam]
The Nolan Creek Dam.
Norman Brothers Store
Norman Brothers Store. Left to right, standing, Tom Adams; Henderson Norman; Johnnie Norman; Ed Norman; Blanche McCorde; Minnie Norman; Jim Norman; George Atkinson. The photograph caption indicates this is 1920, but the clothes worn in this photo suggest an earlier date.
The Northside Cinema in Killeen
The Northside Cinema in Killeen. The movies displayed on the sign are Gregory Peck in "Shoot Out", and Barbara Streisand in "The Owl and the Pussycat." The theater, located at the southwest corner of 38th St. and Rancier, closed in late 1999 and burned down a few years later.
[Novalyne and Maxine]
School photos of two girls, Novalyne and Maxine.
[Official Directing Runners]
Color photograph of a man two showing runners a map of the race route.
Okalla School class, turn of the century
Taken around 1900, this photograph shows 45-50 people sitting on a rocky patch of ground. People in the photograph range appear to range in age from approximately age 6 to age 45.
[Old Killeen High School Building, now City Hall]
Photograph of a three-story brick building. The old Killeen High School, now city hall in Killeen, Texas. The school had separate entrances for boys and girls.
Ophelia Vahrenkamp
School photo of Ophelia Vahrenkamp.
[Parade vehicle sponsored by Courtesy Auto Sales]
A red and white convertible is in a parade; an elderly woman sits on the back behind a woven-straw horse. The side of the car says "Killeen Rodeo" and "Courtesy Auto Sales, Gray St. Ave. G." Other businesses in the background include Sales Outlet and Ace Loan Company.
[Parade vehicles covered with flowers]
Two parade vehicles covered with flowers. The side of the car says, "B.M. Co."
[Participants Registering for a Running Race]
Color photograph of men and women registering for a running race in Killeen, TX.
Pete and Donward Elmore
Pete and Donward Elmore, two men standing by a well.
[Photograph of a Boy]
Photograph of a boy.
[Photograph of a Man]
Photograph of a man in a suit and tie.
[Photograph of Killeen Flood of 1957]
Photograph of the Killeen flood of 1957. The wheels of several cars are underwater. "Killeen Flood - A deadly flood which hit Killeen in 1957 cost the lives of three persons. This view of downtown is on the south side of Avenue D between 2nd Street and College Street, with a drainage ditch in between which overflowed into the fire station and Herald offices, at the left."
[Photograph of Storm Damage]
Photograph of storm damage with debris strewn everywhere. A side of building is missing, and pieces of roofing and personal effects are thrown across the ground. Men are surveying the damage.
[Photograph of Sugar Loaf Mountain]
Photograph of Sugar Loaf Mountain, 971 feet above sea level. A grassy plain and a fence are in the foreground.
[Planting shrubs at the local post office]
People are planting shrubs in front of the Killeen Post Office for zip code 76541.
[Portrait of a Man]
Photographic portrait of a man wearing glasses, a shirt, vest, and tie.
[Portrait of a Man]
Photographic portrait of a man in a suit.
[Portrait of a Man Wearing a Suit and Bowtie]
Photograph of a man with a short haircut looking directly at the camera wearing a suit with a bow tie.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman.
[Portrait of a Woman]
Photograph of a woman in an outdoor setting.
R.A. Bigham
Photograph of R.A. Bigham. Text below picture reads, " In Memoriam R.A. Bigham January 26, 1855 - June 23, 1924".
R. T. Polk residence, E. Side of Main St., Killeen, Tex.
The R. T. Polk home located on the east side of Main Street.
Rio Airways Airplane, twin prop
Rio Airways twin prop airplane, with the registration number NIOHA. Several people are boarding the plane. Rio Airways, a regional passenger airline, was owned by Ted Connell and based in Killeen.
[Rock Building and a Cow]
Color photograph of a rock house or barn with a barbed wire fence and a cow grazing to the left of it.
[Ruins of Old Killeen School after Fire]
The Old Killeen school after the 1923 fire.
Color photograph of a young man wearing athletic clothing running down a street. He holds a ribbon in his hand.