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[Runners at the Starting Line]
Color photograph of a group of runners taking off from the starting line of a race.
Saturday Afternoon Street Scene in Killeen, early 1940's
A street scene from Killeen in the 1940s. Featured prominently is the Norman Brothers store.
[School Portrait of a Young Man]
School portrait of a young man.
School projects on display at Killeen Community Center
Students display their artistic creations at the Killeen Community Center.
[Six Girls]
Photograph of six girls in a field all wearing scarves on their heads. The three in front are sitting or kneeling on the ground and three others are standing behind them
[Smiling Woman]
Photograph of a smiling woman.
[Smiling Woman]
Photographic portrait of a smiling woman.
[Standing Man with a Medal]
Photograph of an older man wearing a dark suit with a bow tie and a medal on his lapel. He is standing near the corner of a brick building.
[Street scene in Killeen]
Street scene in downtown Killeen. The road is unpaved, and automobiles and horse-drawn carriages share the road. A sign announces the First Anniversary Sale of the Levi Anderson store.
Texas Power & Light building in Killeen
Texas Power & Light building in Killeen
[Three Men Dressing a Hog]
A hog hangs from a tree while three men prepare to dress it before butchering it.
[Three Sheep in a Pen]
Photograph of three sheep in a pen surrounded by a wooden fence.
[Three Women and a Young Child]
Photograph of three woman and a child. Text on the photo reads, "Mama Cole, Granny Maples, Ophelia Rancier and Faye (Marrs) 1907".
[Three Women in Gowns]
Three young women dressed in formal gowns. The woman on the left holds a trophy.
Tom and Mary Sikes and their Daughter
Tom and Mary Sikes and their grown daughter Vera Price in the early 1900's. Mary is wearing a long fur coat and Tom is wearing a hat.
Towne Services moving company in Killeen
Photograph of the south and east sides of the Towne Services building located on the north side of Business Hwy. 190, about 150' west of 38th St in Killeen, Texas. There are several large moving trucks parked outside of the building.
[Two Boys Standing by an Automobile]
Photograph of two young boys standing near an automobile.
[Two Girls in Gowns]
Two young girls dressed in long gowns sit outside on a chair near a house.
[Two Women]
Photograph of two women in front of a wooden building.
[Two Young Ladies Seated Near a Flowerbed]
Photograph of two young ladies in dresses sitting in a yard by a flowerbed. Two houses are behind them.
[Two Young Men Standing in the Road]
Two young men standing in a road with buildings and trees behind them.
[U.S. Army sign at Fort Hood]
A sign for the U.S. Army at Fort Hood and III Corps.
United States Post Office in Killeen, Texas
Photograph of the new United States Post Office in Killeen, Texas in 1968. In front of the building is a parking lot and a flagpole.
View from Trimmer Road Looking North
Photograph of a road leading to a town with barbed wire and fence posts on either side. A horses head is in the foreground. text on the photo reads, "View from Trimmer road looking North circa 1910".
[View inside a business, perhaps a typesetters.]
Three women and two men inside a business. What appears to be typesetting trays line the walls.
View West on Ave. D St.
Ave. D Street in downtown Killeen, Texas around 1915. Horse and carriage stand in the foreground.
[Wildcats Girls Basketball Team]
Girls Basketball team from the Camp Hood School. Caption reads, " Called 'Wildcats,' these gals from Hood Village can wear a corsage as well as a gym uniform - and look well in both. The scene of this team pic was Field house No. 2 where the girls has just met the Temple"Winjoys." The team is sponsored by Special Services. Left to right (top) Wanda Griffin, Bobbie Wilson, Gracie Marquis, Doris Anglin, Millie Hill, (bottom) Margie Lee, Corinne Ford, Mary Lee, and Shirley Carver.
William Manning Home
Photograph of William Manning home. The small house has a decorative front gable and posts. Text on the phot reads, "William Manning Home across Cowhouse Creek from Elijah. 1908".
[Woman and a Man]
Photograph of a woman in a dress and a man in a suit. She has a brooch on her dress and he has a vest and watch chain. Appears to be a clipping from a newspaper page.
[Woman, Boy, and Cow]
A woman and a boy standing outside. A building and a cow are behind them.
[Woman by an Automobile]
Photograph of a woman in a skirt and blouse standing by an automobile near a tree.
[Woman in a Cap and Gown]
Photograph of a young woman in a cap and gown. Inscribed on the photo is, "Love, Edna Ruth"
[Woman in a Hat]
Photograph of a woman wearing a hat and standing near a tree.
[Woman in Her Front Yard]
A woman standing by some plants in her front yard with the porch behind her.
[Woman Standing Beside a Rosebush]
A young woman wearing a striped shirt standing beside a rosebush and a tree. A two-story house stands behind her.
[Woman Standing by a House]
Photograph of a woman standing by the steps to a porch on a house. The porch has columns and a chair on it.
[Wooden Frame House with a Front Porch and Brick Chimney]
Photograph of a wooden frame house with a front porch and a brick chimney on the left side.
Wood's Drug Store
Three men and three automobiles outside of Wood's Drug store in Killeen, Texas. A Coca-Cola sign hangs on the building.
[Young Girl Under Shade Tree in Yard]
Photograph of a young girl under a shade tree next to a large wooden frame house with a porch on the front.
[Young Lady near a Tree]
Young lady standing near some trees. Her dress is dark with a light collar and belt.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man wearing a tie.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man.
[Young Man]
Photograph of a young man.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Young Woman]
Photograph of a young woman.
[Young Woman Looking Over Her Shoulder]
Photograph of a young woman looking over her shoulder.