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[Col. Hugh B. and Helen Moore with an unidentified couple]

Description: A photograph of Col. and Mrs. Moore with two unidentified people standing in front of bushes near a multi-storied commercial or institutional building. From left to right the individuals are: Col. Hugh B. Moore, dressed in a dark suit and bow tie and holding a straw hat; Helen Edmunds Moore with her arm through Col. Moore's arm; an unidentified man dressed in a dark suit and tie and wearing a hat, and an unidentified woman in a white dress and hat with her arms behind her back.
Date: [1935..1939]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Col. Hugh B. Moore in his office]

Description: Col. Hugh B. Moore, dressed in a dark suit vest and bowtie but without the jacket, sits at a desk in an office. A large stack of papers sits in the foreground on the desk top at Col. Moore's left. At the far left of the picture in the middle of the desk is an old "candlestick" or upright telephone. A stack of magazines/journals sits on the edge of the desk to Col. Moore's right. Behind the magazines, next to a rolltop desk are large rolled documents, possibly blueprints or surveying documents. Behind Col. Moore, on top of a rolltop desk is a radio and above that there is a framed print hanging on the wall.
Date: [1935..1944]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Col. Hugh B. Moore relaxing near the cabin]

Description: Col. Hugh B. Moore, smoking a pipe, sits in a wooden rocker in front of the Moore cabin in New Mexico. Col. Moore wears knee-high hiking boots, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hat. Near the corner of the cabin, on the far left, an unidentified young woman sits in a free-standing glider/swing shaded by an awning. The cabin sits at the bottom of a mountain, and the mountainside covered with scrub and some trees can be seen behind the cabin.
Date: [1935..1939]
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library

[Edie Trotter]

Description: Photo of Edie Trotter, the wife of Ira Trotter. This photo was included in the Pells-Trotter collection of photos and memorabilia which was donated to the Palestine Public Library.
Date: 1930~
Partner: Palestine Public Library

Exterior of Wreckage

Description: Exterior view of the wreckage of the New London School after an explosion. Three unidentified men are standing with their backs to the camera.
Date: 1937-03~
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library