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[4-H Club Members]
Photograph of three members of the 4-H Club. The women are sitting and kneeling beside a lake in Fair Park for a picnic.
1890 - Margaret Anne Petty Leslie
Photograph of Margaret Anne Petty. Petty is shown posed against a studio background.
1920's gathering at Childress Courthouse of Confederate veterans.
Photograph of a group of confederate veterans. The men are shown wearing military decoration on the steps of a stone building.
1950 Childress District Office, Texas Highway Dept - 1st picnic
Photograph of a a Texas Highway Department picnic. A large gathering is shown with a man opening a bottled beverage while a young girl walks to the right , holding a drink.
S. A. Show
Photograph of S.A. Show.
Aerial Photo of Childress
Aerial photo of Childress looking southeast. The country club and golf course are visible in the foreground.
Aerial Photo of High School, Rodeo Arena, Football Stadium
Aerial photo of the high school, rodeo arena, and football stadium.
Aerial View of Fair Park, Looking Southeast
Aerial photograph of Fair Park, looking southeast.
[And the Shriners! Ready to Roll!]
Photograph of Shriners and a marching band on and in front of a steam engine train. There is a sign on the train labeled "El Mina Temple, Galveston".
Annie Ruth Crews - 1926 graduation from 8th grade
Photograph of Anne Ruth Crews. Crews is shown in a white dress holding a diploma. The photograph was taken in recognition of her 8th grade graduation.
AT-11's flying in formation
Photograph of three At-11s flying in formation. The planes are from the Childress Army Air Field in Texas.
[B.P.O.E. (Elks) Members Marching in Parade]
Photograph of Elks Members walking in a parade down a city street in Childress, Texas. Two men in a horse-drawn wagon are leading the line of members who are dressed in matching hats and suits. Spectators line the street and are watching the parade pass them by.
B.T. Williams Stone Home
Photograph of the B.T. Williams homestead. The stone house is 1 story with broken windows in the front. There is tall grass that is growing around the house. Pieces of wood are detached from the structure. B.T. Williams is believed to have helped develop the first cotton gin in Childress County.
[The Best Courts in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of Best Courts in Childress, Texas. The tourist court is located on the corner of an intersection and stands next to residential homes. The tourist court is labeled with several signs.
Bombsight storage buildign
Photograph of a building at Childress Army Air Field where the Norden Bombsight was locked away for protection. The concrete walls of the vault are visible.
["Bonehead" Troop Gathers for Cato's Funeral]
Photograph of the "Bonehead Boys" at the funeral of their deceased scout master, Edwin "KOW" Cato. The men are posing in four rows, the front two are kneeling and the back two rows are standing. There is a bus behind them with their troop name "Bonehead Boys" painted across the roof, right above the windows.
["Boneheads" Working in the Community]
Photograph of an explorer scout troop, known as the "Bonehead Boys", putting up signs in an open field. The men and boys are standing around a newly put up sign labeled "Childress & Baylor Lakes".
[Boy Scouts with Scout Master, Delbert Wasson]
Photograph of Scout Master Delbert Wasson and three young Boy Scouts. The Scout Master is dressed in full uniform and the boys are casually dressed. One boy is serving soda in small cups to an adult couple and the other Boy Scouts. There is a gas station and a moving car in the background.
Bricking of the City Streets
Photograph of the bricking of an unknown street in Childress, Texas, in the early 1920's. A sign for the Central Filling Station is visible on the left side of the street. Early automobiles are parked on either side of the street past the area where bricks are being laid by unidentified workers.
Building where Norden Bomb Sight was stored
Photograph of a building at the Childress Army Air Field in which the Norden Bombsight was stored. The building is dilapidated. The photograph was taken prior to restoration attempts.
Burley Pixler
Photograph of Burley Pixler. Pixler is shown standing in front of a wooden-frame building.
[C.W. and Annie Furr Family]
Photograph of the Furr family. In the back row stands Ona and Key. In the front row sits C.W., Roy, and Annie.
[C.W. Furr Mercantile]
Photograph of the C.W. Furr Mercantile. There is a wide array of merchandise around the store. There is a woman behind the counter and another woman and three men on the other side of the counter. One man is sitting on a stool and the rest are standing.
[C.W. Furr Mercantile 1915]
Photograph of two stores standing side by side. There are a couple of unidentified buildings in the background on the right hand side.
CAAF Armed guard for transport of Norden Bombsight
Photograph of an armed guard lifting the Norden Bombsight to a bombardier in the bomber's nose of an AT-11 during World War II.
CAAF Briefing
Photograph of several unidentified soldiers attending a brief at Childress Army Air Field in Texas. An AT-11 is visible in the background.
CAAF Cadets - 1st class to arrive by train
Photograph of the first class of cadets on a train to arrive at Childress Army Air Field in Childress, Texas. The men are wearing military uniforms.
CAAF Hospital volunteer Patsy White
Photograph of Childress Army Air Field Hospital volunteer Patsy White, wife of Colonel John W. White.
CAAF "Pass in Review"
Photograph of several uniformed soldiers in formation at Childress Army Air Field in Childress, Texas.
The Car-Vu
Photograph of two people sitting in a car and watching a movie at the drive-in theater Car-Vu. The movie is projected on a large screen in front of the vehicle.
Carrie Underwood Pennell Hardin, Old Settlers - 1960's
Photograph of Carrie Underwood Pennell Hardin, center, showing the younger ladies how to model period clothing at an Old Settlers event in the early 1960's at the City Auditorium.
[Carrie Underwood's Playhouse]
Photograph of four men standing in front of a float which was featured in a parade. The float is an elaborate playhouse propped on top of a wagon. The Childress courthouse is visible in the background as well as an American flag. Horse-drawn wagons are also in the background behind the playhouse float.
[Cattle Roundup on Crews Brother Ranch]
Photograph of a heard of cattle running across an open field. There is an automobile and a man standing on the horizon.
Charming Mamie Moore
Photograph of Mamie Moore. Mamie Moore is dressed in a white dress against a studio background.
[Childress City Hall and Fire Station, Early 1900's]
Photograph of the Childress fire station next to City Hall. There are two men standing in the open doorway of the garage. The building is unmarked except for a sign that says "City Secretary, City Tax Collector, Water Department" which is to the right of the men standing in the garage.
Childress Concert Band, c. 1906
Photograph of the Childress Concert Band seated and standing with their instruments outside of a nondescript building. The band consists of all men; a large bass drum occupies the center of the frame which says "Childress Concert Band."
[Childress County Courthouse]
Frontal view of the Childress County Courthouse.
Childress' First School House
Photograph of a large group of approximately ninety children and fifteen adults standing and sitting in rows in front of a the first Childress School building. The women and girls wear dresses or shirts with skirts, the boys wear button-up shirts and some of the boys and men wear suits, ties, and hats. The building is light-colored with a shingled roof and a bell tower. On the right side of the frame next to the building is a buggy and a horse.
[Childress Green House 1950's]
Photograph of a greenhouse in Childress, Texas. There are several trees and plants surrounding the greenhouse and there is a bench in the foreground.
[Childress High School Boys Football Team 1930]
Photograph of Childress High School Boys Football Team in 1930. The members are posing in three rows, the back two rows are standing and the front row is sitting. Two men in suits are standing on the right hand side of the photograph. The football players are wearing their team sweaters which displays a large "C". They are standing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
[Childress High School Football Coaches and Manager]
Photograph of the coaches and manager of the Childress High School Football Team. They are posing with their arms around one another, shoulder to shoulder. The football team is visible in the background doing exercises.
[Childress High School Girls Basketball Team 1903]
Photograph of the Childress High School Girls Basketball Team in 1903. They are posing in three rows: the back row is standing, the middle row is kneeling, and the front row is lying on the floor. They are all holding hands.
Childress High School Graduating Class of 1914
Photograph of the graduating senior class of Childress High School in 1914. Top row from left to right: Dick Weddington, Patti Jefferies, Anis Campbell, J. D. Gilliam, Edith Sport, Lida Pittman, Irene Baker, Tully Dian. Center row from left to right: Mary Biggerstaff, Bertha Copher, Elizabeth Milner, Lora Curd, Ella Keer, Mary Johnson. Front row from left to right: Hazel Howard, Nell Crews, Abbie Berry, Mary Coffee, Bess Johnson. Written on the negative in the bottom left corner to cause white text on the positive print: "C.H.S. 1914."
The Childress Index
Photograph of a window display at The Childress Index taken at night. There is a poster on a Samson card table which reads: "Win! A genuine Samson regular $4.00 card table in our canned foods guessing contest. Ask for details!" On either side of the table are stacked IGA products including apricots, cranberry sauce, salad dressing, fruit cocktail, and tomato juice. There are two unidentified men sitting inside of the store in the center of the frame.
[Childress Lions Club]
Photograph of the members of the Childress Lions Club. All of the members are adult men. They are posing in three rows, the two back rows are standing and the front row is sitting cross legged. There is an unidentifiable building in the background.
[Childress Railroad Shops Store Department Employees]
Photograph of several railroad shop store department employees. This group mostly consists of adult men but there are two adolescent boys in the front of this small crowd. The group is posing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
[Childress Shop Yards Built in 1910]
Photograph of railroad shop yards in Childress, Texas. There are two sets of train tracks, one smaller than the other, with various buildings and structures in the background.
[Childress Tradegetters Stand on the Red River Bridge]
The Childress Tradegetters stand on the Red River Bridge with their Model T Ford cars in Childress County. The bridge is 2200 feet long and is located halfway between Denver and Galveston.
[Chow Time for the Shoenail Ranch Cowboys]
Photograph of a group of cowboys on a ranch during lunch time. There are ten adult men and two young boys posing along two wagons with cooking and eating utensils scattered all around them.
City Grocery-J.T. Sparkman at back S.B. Partain at cash reg
Photograph of a group of men inside of a general store. There are multiple items both on shelves and in glass cases. A child is shown in the middle of the store.