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["Boneheads" Working in the Community]

Description: Photograph of an explorer scout troop, known as the "Bonehead Boys", putting up signs in an open field. The men and boys are standing around a newly put up sign labeled "Childress & Baylor Lakes".
Date: 1958
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

Colorful Chuck Wagon Master, Col. Sam Privitt

Description: Photograph of Chuck Wagon Master Colonel Sam Privitt standing beside a wood cutout in the shape of Texas with several cattle brands burnt into it. Privitt is wearing a cowboy hat, bow tie, and vest.
Date: 1955
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Former Childress County Agent Chile Smith and 4-H Member Larry Murphy]

Description: Photograph of former Childress County Agent, Chile Smith, and 4-H member, Larry Murphy. The two men are shaking hands as Chile Smith hands a certificate to Larry Murphy. The certificate is facing the camera. They are inside an office and are both wearing cowboy hats.
Date: 1959
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

Helpy Selfy Grocery Store, owned by Rushing Family

Description: Photograph of two men in front of a grocery store. The store window is covered with food advertisements. One of the men is shown in a white apron holding a rod.
Date: 1950~/1959~
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

[Robertson-Eubank Drug Store 1958]

Description: Photograph of the Robertson-Eubank Drug Store in Childress, Texas. The store is sandwiched in between two other businesses and there is a sign located directly in front of the store. A car is parked at an angle in front of the drug store.
Date: September 12, 1958
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum

Saturday morning at The Palace

Description: Photograph of several children standing in line at the Palace Theater on a Saturday morning circa 1950. Posters for "Cariboo Trail" are visible on the front of the theater.
Date: 1950~
Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum